hl.exe will not shut down !!! grr

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by patrickjp, Dec 26, 2001.

  1. patrickjp

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    I hope this has'nt been covered yet, I'm gona do a search on it, but after exiting a game of counter-strike (does'nt matter how I exit, both ways menu and command line same problem) I notice it's still running in task manager and I have to kill the process before I can open CS up again for another game..

    any idea why this is happenning?

    I have all half life patches installed up to date

    winxp pro
    1.4 p4
  2. patrickjp

    patrickjp Guest

    yep, only when I'm online! but I don't use desktop bots so I'll have to give that a try (play without going online)

    but here's the thing.. it will stay active for as long as I leave it active, the application will simply not shut down until I manually end it in taskmanager..

    guess I'll try ol' reliable.. re-install :(
  3. DoubleClick

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    I have the same problem with hl.exe not shutting down in XP. I don't play online and i only play the single player also. It happens to Blue Shift too. It's a pain cuz games won't load correctly if it's still it the task manager. I always have to end the proccess manually. So it's got to be a bug with XP
  4. patrickjp

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    that's a good idea alec, I'll write valve today (and pray for a response hah)
    I tried single player last night and same effect.. hl.exe is stull running in task manager..

    and yes, you must shut it down or else other programs will not function properly:(
  5. DoubleClick

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    After I got done playing Half Life last night i checked the taskmanager and hl.exe was still there so i left it alone for 5 hours and it was still there and prevented games and programs from opening or working correctly.

    So you have to manually exit hl.exe in the taskmanager after each time playing Half Life(All Mods). I have had this problem playing single player , lan game, even after a format and clean install still have the same prob, getting alittle aggravated with it now.

    All patches and updates applied to both WinXP and Half Life also. Had the same prob with my other computer my daughter uses also.
  6. patrickjp

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    hey guys, no response from valve.. I figured as much.. :rolleyes:

    one thing I wanted to point out.. I removed Half Life from my system and did a fresh re-install. it no longer staying in task manager!! it actually shut down, this was great!

    unfortunatly after rebooting, exiting and starting up CS a few times, it went right back to the same problem..

    oh well
  7. redhook

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    If you installed Half-Life in a previous version of windows and copied it after installing XP you might want to backup your half-Life directory and reinstall it because it might be missing a registry entry that it needs.
  8. underdog5

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    This may be unrelated but I could not exit Quake III (it would lock up my system) while running it in win XP pro. I finally got it to exit buy using the compatibility mode thingy and selected win98/me. Now it exits fine, maybe this will work for you.:confused:
  9. DoubleClick

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    It's nothing wrong with files or install ...it's XP and half life bug. It doesn't occur in all systems but when it does it's a pain in the arse!
    I have the same problem on my wifes computer and it's installed from a different cd and on 2 fresh install it still does the same thing. I also have sent an email about this to Valve and still no response.
  10. Billy Hunt

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    So I take it there is no fix for this then ?
  11. robin.munro

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    Interesting Underdog,

    Might just try that, my half life has been installed on a fresh winxp pro and hangs the machine on exit and requires a reboot as well.

  12. Maas

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    I have been racking my brain

    Its must be a XP thing... HL.exe keeps the memory AND the resources allocated until you force quit it in the task manager, its quite annoying. Until i saw this post i thought i was the only one.. :)

    I ransacked the registry and arrived at no real solution, sve the fact that going to task manager after HL is becoming routine.

    i would try it in compatability mode but i .. er... seem to have diabled the help wizard that directs you to instigating that mode....

    anyways after 2 installs of XP i have to assume its a xp bug (bug or feature?). hate to admit it tho- it usually means i cant do anything about it.

    i use Cacheman among other programs that deliberately look for hung apps and quit them after a specific amount of time- These progs see hl.exe as working fine- even after i have quit the proggie.

    its damn irritating...

    my 2 cents

  13. Billy Hunt

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    I no longer have this problem.
    I wonder if it was one of the windows updates that fixed it because I haven't done anything else :)
  14. eGoalter

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    just more proof that hl,cs ect.... dont run well on xp. almost any of the oldergames, and this game has been out forever, will have some problems on xp. back then no one expected anyone to even try to play games on an nt based system. so they probably never bothered to test compatibility. the oldest game i have played on my xp is unreal tournament. even it has a couple issues on xp. it would run great for a few hours , but it always atleast once a day, would lockup, after playing for hours. if i were
    you guys i wouldnt waste my time trying to fix issues with cs. you have to be lucky if it runs right,(it does for some people). but
    its obvious it doesnt work right in xp. and if you absoloutly must play this old washed out game. go disable all the services you dont need, or use,
    in administrative tools, and then try it again, i bet 1 of those
    80 somthing services you dont need unless your running a server
    is the cause for tons of xp issues period, lol


    here is a good guideline on services in xp. it has setups for gaming machines.;)
  15. afrodeziak

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    Try this and tell me if it works.
    I had the same problem and I fixed it by not making Half-Life run under a Compatability Mode. Mine was running in Windows 98 Compatability and whenever I closed half life, hl.exe was stuck in task manager....drove me nuts! So try turning of the compatibility. If that doesnt work then I don't know.
  16. Electronic Punk

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    I have never run compatibility mode or had any problems caused directly by hl.exe itself - the only problem I faced was the damn weird Powertoys conflict which I solved a few months ago and then everyone stole the credit.

    It was posted on the site first tho (w00p)
  17. Spectre

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    I had this problem when I first installed Half-Life and CS on my new laptop. It was running XP Home edition. I then did a reformat and installed XP Pro and the problem went away...though now I can't get it running at 100 fps anymore :|
  18. DoubleClick

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    Electronic Punk wrote:
    >I have never run compatibility mode or had any problems >caused directly by hl.exe itself - the only problem I faced was >the damn weird Powertoys conflict which I solved a few months >ago and then everyone stole the credit.

    Which conflict was that? If it's the mouse & keyboard lag problem that was solved in many other ways also, not just by removing Power Toys.
    I had the same problem and the only way I could solve it was by enabling EAX hardware support and disabling use high quality sounds (For Fast Computers) in Half Life Options. After doing this everything played perfect except for the HL.exe remaining in memory after exit problem. I have since give up on Half Life and now I play RTCW or Serious Sam II.:cool: