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HL 2 and CS


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I was wondering, when Half Life 2 comes out, is it coming out with a new Counter Strike, or are they keeping the same CS, or what is happening with all of it???

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The only multiplayer that is going to initially come with Half-life is going to be Counter-strike: Source, the other mods and HL2 deathmatch itself will come at a later time.


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EP, where did you hear that Half-Life 2 multiplayer was coming out later after the game was released? if i remember correctly from the E3 video's.... they never even MENTIONED Half-Life 2 multiplayer, let alone it coming out at a later date. i think they just didn't comment on it yet. maybe that's what they still had to work on or something. Hell, if they don't release multiplayer till a later update, there'll probably be a LOT of unhappy people, and i'm pretty sure Valve would be thinking of that too since it's almost going on a year past their first estimated release date.


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yeah from all reports I have read from Gabe or Cliffe at csnation cs source will be released with hl2 or probably will be able to be purchased on it's own at Hl2 launch

edit...found this quote on csnation.net

Counter-Strike: Source is the only multiplayer component shipping with Half-Life 2. Valve has, however, stated that they are porting more than Counter-Strike to the Source engine. Day of Defeat is another multiplayer mod being ported to the Source engine, but will not make the retail release. It is likely that you can download other source mods through Steam at a later time.
Singleplayer Only

Estimated retail price: £19.99

Because not everyone has internet access Valve are producing a singleplayer only version of the game. This is considered the mass market SKU for those not interesting in fragging real people over the net. You wont be able to play online multiplayer mods seeing how this version of the game doesn't have multiplayer itself. You will however be able to download and install singleplayer modifications although you probably wont be doing that if you bought this version of the game in the first place.
Traditional Full Package
(Singleplayer & Multiplayer)

Estimated retail price: £34.99

This is the good old traditional package that is no different then the way the original game sold. You get everything you need - the singleplayer, multiplayer and you are able to download and play any modification you wish at no additional cost. The multiplayer is managed through Steam which is now fully integrated into the game and that too doesn't cost a penny. You pay one initial price for this game and nothing else after that.

It's very simple isn't it?
Found that on halflife2.net. That makes it seem like Half-Life 2 does have multiplayer, if you buy the version of it WITH multiplayer. I just really hope that there will be HL2DM right off the bat cause there's no chance that i'm gonna buy Half-Life 2 and pass time by playing an upgraded version of an old mod that i hated the most. well... i'll still buy HL2 anyway, but i'm probably not gonna touch CS.


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Ive heard that the CE will come with Half-Life 2, Half-Life (Source Remake), Day Of Defeat (Source Remake), Counter-Strike: Source (Source Remake). The Source Remakes are the original games done over in the HL2 Engine which will be cool for those who havent played HL 1. Now they can play HL 1 with HL 2 graphics. When through with the 1st, go straight to the second because you bought both in the same package (CE)!!
excerpt taken from EBGAMES. The Collectors edition is available if anyones interested in pre-ordering.


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I'm looking forward to DOD: Source, the current DOD really pushed the HL engine to its limits in its latter incarnations, so I'm hoping the new release will be just as good :)

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