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5 Mar 2002
Lately, started last week, I'm not able to stay logged into any site and it's driving me batty. I would prefer to NOT format but if I have to :(

Does anyone see anything in my HJT log that might be causing this problem?


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I don't really see anything nasty.
Try turning off teatimer as that can cause issues sometimes.
It's every site I log in to, OSNN, SP, etc. I don't have other profiles
could be the cache is being cleaned out due to it reaching a limit, i know firefox has a default limit of 50meg
I do not use Firefox so not sure.

Is the problem like the one discussed here?

Does it happen with IE too?
Sounds like the problem and yes, it happens with IE as well
I do not know about Fox but unless IE is set to block cookies (IE options, privacy tab) the sites should be ok. Other security software like Anti-virus or, for example, Spybot have the ability to block cookies so you may want to check their setting or shut them down temporary then visit some sites.

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