Hitman 2 will not save!!!!


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12 Mar 2002
Hi, well I play hitman 2 on the professional level, I'am aware that on professional skill, iam not aloud to save during game play... but when I finish the first level, and go into the second with st-petersburgh...I play a bit. and I die.. so I close my game and do something else.. and after when I go back.. I dont have access to the levels I completed and I have to start from the beggining completly with training.. Iam sure theres a ****up here... anyone?? thx
Have you tried searching for any saved game files? That could help you out.
Nope no saves, but I noticied that the patch they have on the website needs to run in the default hitman install directory, program files/eidos/hitman2/, it doesnt patch it in the directory I installed it in...

Pretty weird, so I went to uninstall it and reinstall.. and guess what... I lent the CD to by girlfriends dad..lol So I have to wait..lol, anyways ill let u guys know whats going to...

Man, also this sucks.. I'am back to the forum with noob status...lol :D
Everyone lost their count ;) Personally I don't call someone a "noob" cause their post count is not high.
You can earn "Bonus Saves" by completing certain tasks in some missions. Not sure what you have to do, but a couple guesses.
- During the course of the game, you'll have to take on a number of tasks -- that is to say, you'll have to take on the same task (killing a dude) in a number of different circumstances and settings. You'll have to break in to a penthouse and make your hit look like a burglary. Or you'll have to ice a general who's interrogating a prisoner deep in a military basement. Or place a transmitter on a guy, then kill him so you can track his corpse to the guy you really want to kill, his father-
I found out how the saves work... If you start the game off by NOT choosing professional... It will not create a save folder in the game directory... so when you play.. your gonna play and play, but when you exit the game and go back.. its gonna make you start from the beggining...

Solution: Start the game @ medium... finish the first level...save during the second...( it will do it automatically) THEN exit the game.. go back in.. and start and NEW game... with professional skill... and then it will save at the beggining of every level but no saves during the middle of a map or whatever...

( now watch... iam gonna end up far in the game and wished I choosed level medium..because I cant save lolol )

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