Hitman 2 crashes to desktop at random times


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24 Dec 2001
I've had this issue before, and now I'm having this issue again. I obtained a copy of Hitman2 - Silent Assassin when I purchased my SB Audigy Platinum 2... ever since I got the game, it would crash to the desktop at different times. I just recently started playing the game again, and I got pretty far, up until the second St. Petersburg mission, and when I began back tracking, I went to go pick up ammo and the game kicked me out to my desktop.

My current system setup is listed below, and AA & AF are both turned to off, color is 16bit, drivers are all updated...

Any ideas?

Antec Soho 1040B Black Fileserver Case | 420watt Power Supply | Asus A7V333 Motherboard | AMD Athlon XP 2000+ {1.67GHz} | 768mb PC2700 Samsung DDR | Thermaltake Volcano 9 HSF w/ Smart Technology | MSI Geforce4 Ti4400 | 200gb WD 7200 RPM HD | Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum | Cornea CT1700 17" Black LCD Monitor | Lite-On Black 52x24x52 CDRW | Matrix Orbital 5 1/4" LCD Display w/ Panel | Mitsubishi Floppy Drive | Linksys LNE100TX5 NIC
Hell, another issue with the game, I can't even beat this one level, you're supposed to go through it, rescue some guy and kill a general, walk out to a floor above you, blow a hole into the wall and escape into the sewers... I go into the room where you're supposed to blow the hole... when it says: "Info: You are close enough to activate the bomb" I place it as active, click fire and it says it's armed... and then try walking away and arming the remote to detonate, and nothing happens, it always tells me that I'm too far from the wall to activate...

I've even armed it, and then immediately tried detonating it to see if it would work, absolutely nothing... the bomb does not want to go off, and I have completed all of the objectives, so wtf!
I dont remember planting a bomb anywhere, I remember the sniper mission where you got to kill the right general out of like 4

and I always had the crashing out bug when I played as well
Geffy, the mission I'm on is I believe two missions after that one... you're sent back and forth to St. Petersburg to kill the remaining Generals... After the "right general" one, you have to go back to a park, kill a General and some other guy who is meeting on a park bench... then you have to fly back again, and eliminate this General who has one of your colleagues captured, and is interrogating him... kill the General, rescue the Colleague, and you're supposed to escape through the sewers.
The page cannot be displayed Napalm. :/

Eh, it's not such a big issue... since this round of me playing it, I've played the game all the way through and it crashed to the desktop only once, so it isn't that big of an issue, considering I had beaten the game. :)

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