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Hitachi 2.5" drive weird noises

Ive have a really strange problem with my brand new 40GB 7200rpm notebook hard disk in my laptop. When the hdd isn't doing anything (like browsing internet or similar) every few minutes it will make this weird high pitched "squeak" sound that will last anywhere between 1-5 seconds. It sounds like a faulty drive, however, ive run every diagnostic program possible (including hitachi's) and there is no fault with the drive.

Is this 'normal' or some warrantable fault?
no, its definately coming from the hard disk, but thanks for the tip anyway. It only happened after i put the new drive in, and perhaps squeaks the wrong way to describe it. its more like the harddisk's head gets stuck for a while, or its as if its going over bad sectors (of which it doesnt have any).


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Some hitachi drives need a firmware update that fixes a certain noise, get me the model number and I find out if there is one for your hard drive.

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American Zombie said:
Or maybe even a firmware update. :)
I know it sounds funny, but when I updated my 7200rpm 60GB drive the flash utility said it was a BIOS tool. Maybe they just used a tweaked BIOS flashing tool for it, but thats what its called. I'll double check

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champ2005 said:
its the 40gb variant of the Travelstar E7K60. i cant really take out the drive to find the serial number as that would require effort :p.
Well if you want this fixed, then some action will be required.
Model ID HTE726040M9AT00
Serial Number MRH4X3M4GKYYPB
Revision MHAOA6AA

Hope that helps. Recently the noise is becoming more prolonged - ill email the store i bought it from see what they say. zeke_mo can you send me the link for that bios flash/tool?

Thanks for all the help so far.
Oops, forgot about this thread :) Well i ran all the tools on the hitachi site, using all the possible combinations of settings, and it didn't help my problem (though the drive acoustics did reduce seek noise). I guess ill just live with it - its not that bad and the drive itself has no errors whatsoever.
Well, i finally got fed up and RMA'd the drive, Hitachi said they'll replace it even though they claim its a noise resulting from the power saving mechanisms of the drive.
Hitachi drives use technology thats called Voice Coil, and every now and then make a squeal noise as they recalibrate servo actions to the thermal dynamics of its environment.

You knly need to worry if you hear a high pitched squeal followd by a loud clunk and lots of clicking.

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