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History And URL Help...



After I've looked at my dirty, perverted, sleezy,ETC Sites........The history is full of them and in the drop down in my window it is full as well.....

My question is easy...how do I stop my visited sites from coming up in these places????? I ask as I have 5 small kids and they use my comp and I don't want them to see that sort of stuff yet...If Ever:eek:

I have WinXP Pro......

Any help???



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You can manually clear the history each time by going to Internet Options, or you can set the number of days to keep pages in history to '0'.

You could also create separate accounts... one for you and one for your kids. Your history would not show up under the other account.


If after clearing history there are still addresses in the drop down box of the address bar, you can either delete them in the registry at
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs

or right click taskbar > properties > Start Menu > customize > advanced > recently used documents > clear list
(this will clear MRU lists all over the place, not only in Start Menu).

Or get yourself a program like MRU Blaster .


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If you are using IE (Internet Explorer)you can from IE click on Tools on the tool bar and then click on Internet Properties.

Once the Properties window opens you can adjust Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and History any way you want.

You can set History to zero (0) days if you want. I do it this way, (but I don't use IE :p) you can also delete the History every time before you close out your browser if you don't want anyone to see where you've been.

Now, if you are using Mozilla or Firebird, You can set up the History options in a similar fashion.


Just click on the Tools button on the tool bar at the top and then Options, under Privacy set the History to zero (0) again. Click the Clear buttons for the History and Cache and everything is "poof"... gone. :)


Click the Edit button on the tool bar then click Preferences then History. and set it up the same. Click the Clear Location Bar button after you're done playin on da web and everywhere you were is gone.

You can also click on the Advanced tab and clear the cache and all them images in the temp file are gone too. :)


Hey thanks for the answers and help...

I'll give those a go....

If there are any more ways PLz posty them here...



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Geez gonaads... a little plug for Mozilla there? Maybe one of these days you'll convince me to give it a try! ;)

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