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Hissing sound coming through AMP speakers


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

I connected my Mobo's intergrated sound card to my house amp so I can hear my mpegs/mp3's through the sound system. I used a male miniplug to male RCAplugs (left&right) wire. It is connecting to my mobo's green speaker out connection. There is a hiss that comes through the amp speakers, no matter which inputs I connect to behind the amp. Is it because of the intergrated sound card? In order to do this, do I need a better PCI sound card instead? How can I go about this? The mobo is a very generic ECS mobo with a 2gig celeron sitting on it. The actual connector wire is newly bought for this.

Thanks in advance,



The Analog Kid
1) It could just be a crappy on board sound solution. You give no info on what chip it is.

2) yes a pci card would definitely be better. Let me suggest the Chaintech AV-710 ($27 on newegg). It's a great card and even better if you are using the digital out.

3) You could also just have a bad ground or or a ground loop somewhere. Google "ground loop" for some suggestions on testing and solutions.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks Dreamliner,

It is not an Nforce2 board or anything like that. It is a very, very generic paper-pushing, all things intergrated type mobo. An ECS mobo, to which I think it has an absolute minimum chipset for a computer.

Thanks for the ground loop lead.


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