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MUHAHHAHAHHAHA well A for effort there Friend of Bill's <<< lol that name
edwards and kerry are still consistently polling higher than bush... THAT makes me happy :D
I am glad I still have a month until I have to mail in my vote. :) I still think all the candidates running are idiots. This might even be harder than the 2000 election. :( Why do so many ignorant people think they can be president?
Well the answer to that seems to be a yes though I agree that most of the folks running aren't my choice though the one I did like dropped out last week or the week before
I wanna thank...
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia


I thought he was going to have a heartattack.
lol I liked that part of his speech it was the only candidate in history to sound like he wanted the job.
It dont really matter who the next prez is going to be because people will complain anyway.
The trouble w/Dean was ... well ... he is a liberal through and through and he wasn't afraid to show it.This is good news to conservatives like me.The majority of americans wont vote for an out-an-out peddle-to-the-metal liberal.The way that most liberals get elected is to lie or obviscate about who they really are(Kerry,Edwards,Clinton).And they will call themselves progressives or "new" democrats, but they wont call themselves liberals.This is by design.They have to.Dean was not afraid to be who he really is.The democrat leadership knows this too,thats why they had to "take him out".Funny and interesting to watch really.
the most interesting thing about this election year, though funny, not in the least, is that the republican party keeps their candidate in, even though (actually because of the fact) he starts meaningless war with lies and forgeries and we die every day for it.

this head of state circumvents the American form of government, he hides information from people that he is mandated to show it to, he lies about other information that he makes beleive he has, he uses forged information to prove non existant points, all of this in his effort to circumvent the American government as it is designed to function, he does and end around the very checks and balances that are in place specifically to prevent this war monger's behavior.

and yet the republican constituents stand by a man like this.


Could someone, (a Repbulican preferred), tell me how behavior like this, where American Patriots that are sent off to defend what they were told, and what their parents were told was a danger of "imminent urgency" is somehow forgiven?

someone tell me how what this president has done to this country is ignored.

don't forget that Bush was told by every authoring source of his information that his interperation was incorrect before he started his war

he appeassed each of these authoring organizations by saying, "there is 'other more sensitive info'...trust us on our itnerperatition"

his "cia proof"...ha, they told him his before the war, his public anlysis of the information they gave him could not be supported.

his scientists also tell us they told him long before this reduculous war that he was not reporting their information acurately, and that there were no weapons.

this is the most interesting thing.

a Republican, no matter that he destroys America, as long as it's a republican, the destruction of this country and her well being is fine to other republicans...after all, "it's a republican that said these things, so it's all good"

and the mindless republican constituents that follow the pipe playing of this mad man so that he can have another term in office.

all this, so that they can continue to put some money into rich peoples pockets, who are in the war defense industry that put this mad man in office.

lies and lies and lies again.

but republicans believe then actually make beleiive that they beleive the next "other" story, even though it comes from the same liers mouth.

anything to keep their Republican in office

talk about interesting

it is alarming, and it's frightening

interesting to be sure but alarming and frightening for the most of it
valid points there perris and your right thats its not only interesting but alarming and frightening as well
a great leader, a wonderful man and I am better for having him as my President.

I didnt think I could get that all out and still keep from putting my fist through my screen.
He should face the facts America wont let him be president again, so he should just take the 250mill he has raised for his campaign and put it towards the deficit he created in his 4 year term. Who knows it might even pay off a whole 1% of it :p
america will re elect bush, even though this man circumvented our form of governmen, did an end around the checks and ballances he is bound by law to obey and defend, lied to every other branch of our government so he could start his war, and even though our children were sent off to war for the lies he presented as proof, the forgeries...the very people that authored the supposed proofe tell us time and again they told him his stateements were not supportable before he started his war.

the press do not take this man to task, do not hold him reponsible for the reasons he said we needed to go to war...and as you see even on this thread, mostly nobody wants to hold him responsible for the things he said that brought us to war...people are somehow proud of what he did to us.

sorry to say, so long as the wealthy now own the majority of media, this mans reputation willcontinue to be protected, and people will not hold him responsible for his lies, exagerations, and forgeries

bush will be the president at the end of the next exlection

sad to say
Well I hope your wrong perris as I'm sure you do as well but I would not be surpised at the fact he would win again. I'm not going to vote for him I know that much as I've got a cousin that lost part of hearing due to this war or more to the point the flase reasons we went to war.
Well someone needs to police the world people like Saddam kill hundred of thousands of people and we sit by idle on our computers with our big houses and all the comforts possible and cry and complain about anything ... so what there were no MWOD or is it possible that during all the time it took to comvince the bleeding hearts maybe alot of that stuff was destroyed or shipped to another location? Sure lets all sit back and watch thousands of innocent people get slaugtered and killed all over the world everyday or have the balls to stand up and say ok enough is enough and do something to try and free nations and give them a chance to hold proper elections and live in a world where they wont be thrown in prison for wearing shorts or listening to music of playing football ..... get real people the world needs the strong nations with the means to step up and face the music and help ... all the bleeding hearts will always cry foul after the fact its always been that way
Someone may need to step up and say no more, but we must have to stop and ask at what price and when is enough enough. What price must the one who steps up to stop the hate-filled tyrrany pay in order to free the whole world? What price must those who are "liberated" and thrown into a state of total chaos pay? What price must our Constitution pay so we can "liberate" these poor tortured souls? When is enough enough? When do we as United States citizens get to stand up and tell a president hell no when they try to circumvent the checks and balances in place to safeguard US from ending up under the control of a tyrrant? Or is this protection only granted to certain world citizens?
The rules go like this:

When an airplane crashes into a skyscraper in New York and you live in Chicago the price of security is too high.

But if the Mall you and your family shops in every week gets bombed no price is too high to pay for security. Or if someone goes into the basement of your childrens school and opens the gas valves and sets a timer, or if someone drives a truck with a thousand pounds of chlordane into your cities reservoir, or...

Should I go on or do you get the message?

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