Hint: installing XP on SATA drive


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Heh. i get the feeling that someones gonna come in here and say "it's a pain". but... it doesn't have to be. For those of you who keep installing the SATA RAID drivers when it asks for drivers before installing windows, read more into it. it doesn't ask for SATA RAID drivers, only RAID. If you're using only one SATA drive, and your mobo has an on-board SATA controller, Check in your BIOS. I just installed mine, and there was a setting in my BIOS that could only be seen by doing that Ctrl + f1 thing (GigaByte 8IK1100 rev. 2.0 mobo) that automatically made a drive connected to a SATA channel as a RAID drive. all i did was disable that, and *poof*, Windows was able to install as if it were a normal old IDE drive. Surprisingly.... it also eliminated that Clicking noise i always heard when i would shut down my comp.

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From GigaByte 8IK1100 rev. 2.0 manual
To enter Advanced BIOS setting menu, press "Ctrl+F1" key on the BIOS screen.
Hitting Ctrl+F1 to get into advanced bios setting does not apply to all boards and maybe it is only Gigabyte boards.I feel you should have maybe named the topic "Hint:installing on SATA drive on Gigabyte mainboard" and not just "Hint:installing on SATA drive " as the info you give will not work on all boards so people may get confused as to why it does not work with their board.​


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ElementalDragon said:
is there even a mobo that puts it near the PCI bus? i've only ever seen them located near the IDE channels.
you're thinking the PCI slots. PCI is more than physical slots...it's a bus :)

the physical location plays little part in how the SATA controller communacates with other components.


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Thanks for the clarification guys. What I really meant was if the SATA controller chip communicates with the PCI bus or with the southbridge controller.

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