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Hilariously awful internet video claims to reveal Jordan's real voice

Evil Marge

I Rule
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Have a listen, personally I dunno which version is worse :speechless:

A song said to feature Jordan's real voice has become a hit on the internet - despite sounding painfully out of tune.

It is claimed that the clip of Jordan and her husband Peter Andre singing A Whole New World has had the technological tricks that make it sound polished and professional removed. The result is a whining, tuneless voice.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to watch video of Jordan and Pete's performance on Children in Need... then hear how it sounds without the technological tricks...

Jordan insists the song is a spoof and the glamour model's agents have been trying to force websites hosting the song to remove it from their pages.

Yet thousands have been downloading the internet duet, apparently convinced it is her genuine voice.
Many of the 12,000 who have listened to the YouTube version - named "Jordan's real voice' - are convinced it is genuine. One wrote: "She sounds like a swan having its insides VIOLENTLY removed."
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a swan having its insides violently removed.... well I can just about imagine that now :p

I still prefer the "Whole nude world" version of the song v amusing ;)

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