High frequency beeps!!!!




coul'd somebody tell me what can I do against these high frequensy beeps that I hear the whole time while my PC is off.
I have already set jumpers at default and tried to rise the Vcore but nothing changes. One day it has just started and I don't know what to do.
Plz help!


with PC turned off you get beeps??????

I have no idea... call a priest maybe?

can you be more specific?


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do this...find the wires or power cord that is running to the little speaker mounted in the front of your pc...and disconnect them heheh, thats what we call a nice ghetto quick fix!

as for the cause you might wanna consult your mobo manual and see if it has any info about it :)


rofl Qumahlin and pc_tek, u guys are so funny...Pc_tek always talking about exorcisms on PCs(can it be done?) and Qumahlin, thats a crazy fix...there might be an option in the BIOS to disable all beeps


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um crazy fix? I wasn't even joking! my pc speaker started making noises one time while the comp was off on my old computer...I couldn't find the cause so I removed the speaker because I thought to myself is that startup beep really that important to me heheh

well nowdays it is if ya tryin to find out why ya board won't boot, but you can also just get a board with the cool built in LED display that tells ya the error codes! they rock!


Originally posted by Highwind7777
rofl Qumahlin and pc_tek, u guys are so funny...Pc_tek always talking about exorcisms on PCs(can it be done?) and Qumahlin, thats a crazy fix...there might be an option in the BIOS to disable all beeps
yep yep it can... I had a haunted webtv once... i poured milk on it, and it grew into a p2 233mhz with mmx. Which happened to be my first computer. Then it to got haunted... and i, i, i, well..................AAAAAAACCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK OMG THEY ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!! save me!!!!!!!!



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My Cable Modem makes high-pitched beeps. Do you have a cable modem (specifically a RCA DCM-105)? It annoys the crap outta me too



HI again

Thanx for your answers!

I just want to answer your questions:
I have already turned off my modem while this beeps. So now I know it wasn't my modem.
I have already tried to disconnect my PC speaker. But these beeps are going on and on.
Now I must admit I was wrong saying that my PC is off while making these beeps. Sorry! I ment my Windows was shut down.

When I get a new cooler I will rise my Vcore, because I think that is the problem. But I'm also not really sure because my Vcore is already at 1.79V

One more question:
My max Vcore that I can change with bios is 1.85V but if I want more for overclocking. What should I do then?


Hi JJB6486

yes I have a modem.
If you mean the beeps while dialing then I know how turn of the damn modem speaker I also hate. Now I'm not at home but if you want to know the answer just let me know.


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um Phess...if you have disconnected your pc speaker....and it's not coming out of your sound card speakers...then it's a ghost

bu PC speaker I mean the speaker that is mounted INSIDE your case, not the ones that hook to your soundcard...are you sure you disconnected the one in the case? because unless you have a magical speaker an electrical component can't just emit a beep LOL


I have found the dource of the Problem!
I just raised my Vcore from 1.7v to 1.85v so that my PC is quiet now.

Qumahlin, it was the right speaker I have turned off, but I just suppose there is something else that can make this high frequency beeps. I also think that my PC speaker is not able to produce that high frequency beeps.

But thanx a lot for immediate help!

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