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hifi (dj to computer)



hi guys/gals,

ok i have 2 dj turntables hooked up to my mixer and the mixer is hooked up to my hifi. I want to know how do i set it up so that. I can use the speakers for both sound for my computer and sound for my DJ. The mixer is connected to the line-in to my SB live as i want to save my vinyls to my computer and edit them later. Question is how do i set it up? i also have the s/dif function on my mobo (not SB live) so if that is better then i disable the live card. i want to know is there a way to use the s/pdif to connect?



hardware monkey
concerting spdif and output;

if you have a receiver with a coaxial digital input (spdif), then that would give better sound quality than any sound card. it's a pure digital connection so there's no D/A conversion taking place and, therefore, no loss of quality through the analog lines.

but, then again, your onboard sound isn't likely as good at capturing audio as your live! is. so for recording your vinyls, use your live! and for outputting the best audio, use your mobo's spdif (assuming your receiver/hifi accepts spdif). this is what i'd try, at least.

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