Hiding Secret Files inside a .JPG

That's been going on forever. But it is way cool. A lot of music is Downloaded that way off the internet. I should know. :rolleyes: :nervous:
Oh my God.

Where was this trick when I was 13? :p
Pfft. Known for years, how else do you think all those VB scripts spread back in the days using JPG files?
Stenography I think it's called... has been around for years. :)
Derek is a bit behind the times...
Or he probably has a life.


Nah I think you're right matt_____.
Doesn't matter if I am or not, still cool :smoker:

And thanks for the compliment GM, but matt_____ is right :p
Still cool? Who are you kidding?

O___ is cool.
Stenography I think it's called... has been around for years. :)

this one does not even do a really good job of hiding the data, so it is not called real stego. This is like poor mans stego!
Multi user e-mail still works better for sharing music.
isn't this one of the ways that the terrorists communicated? they put up eBay autions with these pictures of the items and putting documents inside of them?
A bit suspect when the files are bigger than they should be :)
And hey Steevo :D

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