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i use a paperclip and touch various things on the board until it pops, or i cut the female end of an extention cord and hit the bare wires to the the ports on the back, i prefer the onboard video if equipped
just take the standoffs out of the case and that will fry the board.
any other ideas.... without removing any parts from its original positions? just want to blow something on the mobo so that it won't power up.
well if you don't want the psu anymore either you could change the little voltage switch on the back of the psu and fire it up. :)
Xie said:
well if you don't want the psu anymore either you could change the little voltage switch on the back of the psu and fire it up. :)
That's not enough... My friend doesn't want to mobo to work.
How sure are you?? Don't want to fry the psu and find out everything else still works. lol :p
this has become the most inventive, destructive thread yet. I never knew I was in with the world class ( vandals?) mobo executioners. :D
Xie said:
well if you don't want the psu anymore either you could change the little voltage switch on the back of the psu and fire it up. :)

-wouldn't that just fry the psu?
Get some bare wire 14 gauge is good and wrap around both wires that come out of ALL the capacitors. And for added bonus wrap one bare 14 gauge wire throughout the CPU pins then re-install on socket. Run wire to + side of 12 volt molex connector comming from PSU. Boot as you would normally... but with side case cover removed ta see the fireworks. :D
Well if they can wait a while, they could power up the comp during an electrical storm without any surge protection. And to entice the lightning even more they could also power up the printer, scanner, web/digital camera, and any unwanted radios/boomboxes/sterios from the same outlet so they get the maximum power draw and lightning lure.(actual way a mobo got fried)

Or they could set the computer to reboot after a power failure and have someone flick the main circuit to the house on and off while they're using the computer.(recreation of similar conditions that actually fried a mobo)

Or they could open the case and dump in a crudload of magnets then turn the computer on and see what happens to it.(not been tested before)

*note do not try these at home kiddies these are meant in jest and should not be used on poor defenseless computers unless you are a trained idiot or a mechanical engineer:p *
oh man... you guys love your destruction of virtually everything in sight. lol.
my friend only wants to kill his mobo and nothing else. he wants to do it in a way that leaves not evidence of tampering so that he can make a claim for a new one.

I know overloading the PSU is one way of doing it, but it doesn't guarantee that the mobo will die.
Static is the best way to go. Avoid magnets in your system box as this will probably corrupt your hard drisk and any other magnetic storage device nearby.
All you need is to take the side panel off, rub your hair with a balloon and keep touching metal bits of your computer. After a few minutes of doing that, try and boot your computer. Repeat until computer wont boot!
Try poking the BIOS chip.

Failing that, try breaking one of the tracks.. altho this is more obvious so u will have to be a bit sneaky and try and hide it

NOTE: I take no responsibility for you, or anyone else, looking like an idiot while doing anything with a balloon!
ANOTHER NOTE: I take no responsibility for anything!
lol this is hilarious, just thought id make mention that i blew up a while back an old geforce 2mx 400 by trying to get it to play dvds thru its tv out, nuthin beats software in blowing up things lol

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