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Hibernating Problems


Must be dreaming...
Greetings all again... :)
I got another problem! I just recently turned on APM (Advanced Power Management) so that XP can shut off itself without waiting for me. That seemed to work fine, until I tried to hibernate. The hibernation process seems to go smoothly, but when I attempted to load XP from the hibernated state (how it restores the previous save and you see the progress bar), at the end of the bar, everything just stops, and it seems to crash or something. I tried waiting, but still nothing happened. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


NTFS Stoner
Hibernate has a lot of bugs in it. & mainly is designed for laptops that need to conserve power. Turn it off and use shutdown :)


Or, if you prefer, just set the display and hd to power down after a set period of inactivity.

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