Ever since I installed Xp (fresh-start) my ping in internet games has gone through the roof. I have the same internet setup as before the change, same modem, same phoneline, same ISP. With WinME i had a ping of around 200 it has now jumps from anywhere between 600ms to 1500ms. This applies to all games, CS, TO, RTCW, Q3 etc. I've fiddled around with all the modem and connection options - disabled data compression and the in-built firewall, but still the problem persists. If anyone could help me out here I would be eternally grateful, for what is a computer worth if you cant play net games on it. Ta.:p


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6 Dec 2001
That would be very odd for XP to affect your pings, go download a program like Visualtrace

or goto run...type in cmd

Then type tracert and the address of the game server you are trying to get on, it most likely just a coincidence that your ISP is routing traffic through a router that is having problems now around the same time you installed XP

using tracert it will tell you what hop the ping is spiking up...if it spikes dramatically at the first hop out of the gate...it might be XP, but I kinda doubt it


sometimes resetting your modem is in order. unpower and disconnect cables for a couple minutes. plug it all back in and let it initialize. that is assuming you can't find a problem via XP.

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