Hi Everyone!



Just wanted to say hello. I've been so busy lately. Things have been hectic. My landlord sold my house so I have to be out by May 15th. It's going to cost $1200 for a U-Haul from Wichita to Tampa. Can you believe that crapola? I'm not looking forward to a 25 hour drive with 2 cats and a 55 pound dog for sure. Anyway, what has been going on? How the hell is everyone? :D
25 hour drive with pets???? Watch what you feed them. Could be one hell of a crapola mess. :D

Sa[f]e drivin'. :)
I've been a bit of a lurker lately.
Watching all the goings on...............not that there is anything wrong with that. :p :D


oops better change my save into a safe. :D
drop by atl and say hello :)
come through the weekend 60º, right now we have ice what a change
sorry you have to moove :( it's bound to be a pain in the a$$

glad to see you still around though :D
I'm taking vacation this week...maybe florida...gonna meet with everybody if I do
Codasmd said:
What kind of dog is that 55 pounder?

(and oh...hi)
She's part Akita, part Husky. She looks just like the dog from the movie Snow Dogs with the racoon eyes. She's adorable. :)
Here she is: :)


Fixed link
Price Ryder, they used to be cheaper than Uhaul.

There are pet tranq's if you're willing to do that to the kids. They get pretty messed up on them. I used them when flying with the dog.

I moved from Illinois to Texas the dog did great through the trip (no tranq's). Only problem was every time someone walked by the motel room she was up on her feet and snarling protectively (didn't know the little **** had it in her until then). We didn't get any sleep all night!

Now the up side. I spent the worrst year of my life in Wichita (-20 winter 105 summers, and nothing but flat prairie and wheat for 100's of miles. Ugh). Florida will be a big improvement. Say hello to Mickey and Shamu for me.
ugh...i had to move from the east coast of VA to Chicago with 2 dogs. One was 15 and the other was 9. We had a heck of a time getting the 15 year old, Gypsy, in and out of the car since her arthritis was so bad. Socks, our other dog, did pretty well though.

Two years later we did the same thing moving back down here to NC before i started going to state, it was even worse. She was about 18 or so last year and we had to put gypsy down cause she was so old and arthritic :(


Awww, what adorable dogs! Sorry to hear about Gypsy :(

Ryder doesn't do one ways from Wichita unfortunately. :(

But I'm going to pay this co about $1400 to move my stuff for me and me, my dog, my two cats and my best friend will be stuck in my Honda for 25 hours....this should be interesting. I just can't wait to get down there, moving really sucks. I hate packing...and I have to move all my ish in storage for a month and a half and move it again. Ugh!

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