Hewlett CDRW SCSI 9600 write problems




Since monday I have a lot of difficulties installing win XP. I have formated my PC before installation.
My system is:
Asus AV7
AMD Athlon 800
786 M of DRAM
SCSI Adaptec 29160 Ultra160
DVD Toshiba SD-M1401
Atlas harddrive
ATI Radeon 64DDR Vivo

I tried to follow all advices on this board: I have installed the latest ASPI driver from adaptec. I have also installed the lastest soft from Hewlett (the cd copy sofware from veritas).
I have also downloaded the patch from Microsoft and installed Nero and CloneCD.
Each of those softwares have the same problem: after 1 min of writing a CDR I am getting a Buffer Underrun Message. It's like if the writer's buffer was not functionning at all.
My drivers are as follows:
Under SCSI Devices I got
Adaptec is MSFT 5.1.2600.0
Promise Tech Inc Ultra IDE (do I need this one ?) MSFT 5.1.2600.0 file version 1.43
Toshiba is MSFT 5.1.2535.0
and HP 9600 is MSFT 5.1.2535.0

By the way I also have a problem with the Radeon installation.
First, under display properties XP tells that I have a Radeon 7200 (is this correct ?)
Secondly, OpenGL Games hang after one minute (Max Payne or Allied Assault).

Thank you for helping me

How do you have your IDE devices hooked up? If you have an ATA100 hard drive, that should be on your Promise controller, your burner should be on a regular IDE channel either by itself as the master, or as the master in a master/slave config. Also, make sure you have the newest VIA 4in1's, and if you continue to have problems, think about flashing your bios to the most current and possibly a firmware update for your burner (if it's available).



theres you problem, u see that word adaptec? heh i would avoid that name at all costs.get a new scsi adapter.if that hp burner doesnt support burn proof that means its fairly old. and xp will probably have problems with it, i would reccomend a diff cdr.
just kidding bout the scsi, lol although i personaly wouldnt use anything adaptec sept for the aspi layer , you dont have a choice.

update the radeon drivers, and try compatibility mode on those games.;)