Ahright , I'll give you a day for you Tivo and DVR people, other than that, please remember to wrap the show in spoiler tags, for all those people who have not seen it yet.
I was going to wait until today but I knew I wouldn't be able to avoid the info all over the internet so I watched it last night :D

- while it was very cool, I definitely wasn't "wowed" by any means. Is it just me, or is there a lot going on (death notes), man in hoody, Peter in a storage container, that was never really explained? I'm sure it will be, but would have been nice to learn more about it?

P.S. Claire is still sexeh!
I thought it was a pretty weak episode. Of course thats probably because of how great last season was, it'll be hard to live up to that. Lots of potentially interesting things though, they'll get a little more focused in the upcoming episodes.
I've been watching the first season on BBC2 from the beginning and to be honest I still have no clue what it's actually about :laugh:
The episode sort of followed the Lost formula, but built up very little intrigue unfortunately :(

However, there is still hope :)

Sylar lives?
Who woulda thunk it :cool:
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I did also enjoy the ending. Did anyone notice that
Peter is jacked?
Where is Niki? :smoker:

Niki has merged with Peter and Nathan thereby enabling Peter to live on in Nathan, didn't you catch that bit in the mirror :p

Seriously though I can't think of anything worse than being stuck in a container in Cork of all places.
yeah, I reckon the first ep was simply to re-acquaint people with the story as it now stands
When did Peter get so ripped? He went from slightly thin to overtly large.
Don't you know going nuclear is the fastest way to tone your body :p
OK I'll give you that, but you wouldn't be as sweaty vs. going nuclear :p
Actually I think you'd be just as sweaty, either way, you're gonna be dehyrated.:D

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