heres the Fraunhofer mp3 encoder for media player

I got the plus mainly for the extra themes. Making my own seems to much hassle and I hear there are problems with the programs that do this. While the themes are nice, it kind of a hassle because each theme also changes the mouse curser and all the sounds. So one has to reconfigure each theme to way you want. Time consuming and kind of a hassle. I also wanted more color schemes. I didn't get any new ones with plus. Just the same three, "blue, silver and that gawd awful green". The screensavers are kinda cool. I don't use screensavers except to execute them manually if I am going to be away from the computer for awhile.

Again, Microsoft made something that could have been a lot more complete. Plus includes a lot of links to buy more stuff! It's got a lot of good advertising in it, that's for sure! Jeez. I mean they charge $39 for it and I would expect that they should have included the option to pull mp3s from CDs instead of just giving you the option to have to buy it.

Anyway I'm done ranting about the Gates Club. Please continue to work on your project. I look forward to having a working version of it in Media Player.
ok, just thought i'd keep you up on my progress
i created a new package, with an updated readme, and batch files for quick installation... i've come across one problem tho... on the internet, i found a codec, thats an even newer version of the one that comes with windows, and in its file info states that it is an MSACM file, which is what wmp needs in order to read it (wish i knew that b4), HOWEVER, i can't get it quite to work... i'm under the assumption that it may only be a decoder, but i've yet to find evidence to proove that is isn't anything but the full blown codec... i'm gonna keep working on it, but i improved the reg files and all that crap... so once i get it working, it'll be something to pass around... i'll check in with an update in a couple days... sorry, exams and obligations will keep me busy for a bit
ah flip... the file i have is just another version of the codec that comes with windows, just all the file details have changed... maybe come jacka$$ looking for some kicks
well i've still made all those changes to the package, and corrected all registry entries, and made the install batch, now all i need is a god damned codec to bundle it with
Any updates on this rt_kramerica, i really interested in this working ....

yep... i updated everything, except the actual codec, so now it sits idle on my hardrive... i searched vigerously on the net for the right files, but with no success...
right now i'm thinking the fraunhoufer thing is just a little too much to hope for, and i doubt many will be shelling out the $200US or so it'll cost... but hey, if anyone out there has an acm file for mp3 encoding that they'd like me to test, and possibly package in the manner that i had franhoufer set up, just mail, or post a message, whatever
sorry guys
Well it took me some time to even get working on it, but here you go. Put off some homework for a little while, and with the help of other peoples searching to help me find a compatible codec, it works :). download the fraunhofer mp3 codec, with automatic installation into Windows Media Player XP
btw, the previous high quality reg file will not work... if theres a demand, i'll make one, but i won't be able to tonight

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