heres the Fraunhofer mp3 encoder for media player



i've been looking everywhere to rip my mp3s with... any jukebox or all-in-one program has data rate limitations, or has already expired, and even tho i cracked audiograbber, its not a very nice program in general... so i got pissed, and looked for the Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 acm file so i could just rip with windows media player, but use a REALLY good encoder... while installing it for myself (took forever to find all the errors on m$'s website that told me how to add the registry entries for media player to accept the new codec) i packaged it so all you nice ppl wouldn't have to go through what i did, so here... pretty much the best encoder you can possibly use, as new a version as i could get my hands on (, and comes with instruction too! IIS MPEG Layer-3 Professional Codec Producer

if you somone has, or finds a newer verison of the codec, send it to please, and i'll make up a new package with the new file... don't bother telling me about the opticom producer 2.0 tho, i don't think that it uses an actual ver 2.0 codec, its just new version software to uses the codec
Thanksyou very much ....

just what i was looking for .......

Bit rate increase

It is good, and with the Reg entry to enable MP3`s in WMP8 it is an all in one package at last. But can anyone tell me how to increase the sample rate from 96 to 128 or higher????
I am using WMP8, but all my from CD to MP3 encoding is done at 96kbps and a 3.5 min song is only about 1.4 meg and not the usual 4 meg for a 128kbps encoded track.....

Any ideas????
yea, i have ideas... just give me your e-mail address, and 4 examples of what you want to rip your mp3's as... unfortunatly wmp only allows 4 to be set up at a time, and i had to discriminate, and choose which ones were most valuable for myself, and everyone else who might download it... if you want to do it your self, you'll notice the registry merge file has entries titled "LowRate" & "LowRateSample" or "HighRate" & "HighRateSample"... i used test entries in regedit to type in the decimal value for the sample rate and the bit rate (you'll see in the actualy registry the number i used to validate them) and then used regedit to convert it to hex so i could type the value i needed in the registry entry file... but don't worry, i'd be more then happy to create the file for you, just tell me what you want. i've been looking for this for a while, so i know how frustrating it is, thats why i read the ms support pages to figure it out myself
is there any other codecs out there for mp3 ripping with wmp8?
Can someone help me getting mine working. I installed the Fraunhofer encoder and applied the reg patch. But when I choose copy music in MP8 it give a error 'unspecified error" is there something else I have to do? Using XP Pro. Thanks
did you marge the proper reg file? theres one for xp, and non-xp... otherwise, i can't help you... it works for me
Yeah I merged the right one. I dont get it. But before I installed this codec, it said "invalid parameter".
higher bit rates

Thanks for the work you've done with this. I like to encode mp3s at 160 or 192, can you help? Email me at, thanks!
Ok, I did this and it doesn't work.

I downloaded your codec. I read your readme.

I put the 13codecp.acm in C:\Windows\System32

I clicked on your xp reg file, the one you posted last for high quality only. It imported it into the registry.

I opened Media Player.
I put a CD in.
I went into tools/options/copy music and changed the drop down box to the Fraunhofer llS MPEG Layer.
I then clicked copy music.
I then get an error saying "unspecified error"

Any ideas why it didn't work?
same thing!

Mike89, I have the same problem. I used the high-quality reg file and did it the exact same way as you. Can anyone help?
Is there anyone out there that has actually got this to work?

If I use the Windows Media Audio in that drop down list, it copies from CD fine. But not with the other one.
I'm surprised more people have not responded to this thread.

I mean this is a good feature to have to make Media Player be able to rip mp3 from CD.

Problem is I have tried to install this on 3 different computers running XP and can't get it to work on any of them. I get the same error as I already stated in a previous reply above.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is something is not right in the making of this thing.

Seems the guy who wrote this tweak and first posted this thread has gone elsewhere.
hey... yea, well i'm kinda back... ok, heres the problem
i never tested it, and didn't realize it wouldn't work on wmp... i just kept using audiograbber, which worked fine with the codec... now, for all of you, keep the reg file i packaged, its usefull... as for the acm file i sent with it, as far as i could tell (from reading the troubleshooting shit) wmp produces this error because it BELIEVES that this codec file can produce files other then mp3... i don't see how thats possible, since its only the professional version of a standard version file that wmp already uses from the same company... the only thing i can suggest is keep looking for acm files from differant codec companies on the net

humm... something just hit me

ok, well i just looked into my little thought, and i was right... the Fraunhofer mpeg codec that comes with wmp is version, while the professional codec i've packaged is version because their both the exact same thing, cept the wmp one disables some bitrates and sampleing rates, there must be a professional version somewhere out there with the same, or higher version number... i'll look around... if nayone has any ideas, post... i'll try and come back soonish and see whats happened
Ok, why can't you alter the reg files to the newer codec in Media Player? I mean your reg file is what sets the bitrates and stuff anyway isn't it?
no, can't... you'll just recieve an error, cause the low quality codec has the actual programmed limitation of not being able to produce files above 56kbit... their very obviously differant files (the professional codec, being older even, is much larger, in their comparison of being small files in general) that contain differant ways of encoding files
Well I sure hope you find something that will work. You started something that will be really good when it works. I sure don't know why Microsoft didn't take care of this themselves. They would have had a much more complete Media Player.

I recently bought XP Plus. There is a really nice aquarium screensaver in it. It comes with three fish. Then Microsoft provides a link to BUY more fish!

Also there is more skins for Media Player and a new function to convert mp3s to WMA files. Then again there is a link to BUY another option to do what you were trying to do.

Everyone is out to make a buck, that's for sure!
oh god... i got the plus pack too, i was almost disgusted by it... it was a plus pack, cause microsoft made an extra plus in their profits... the only thing good is the game labyrinth (i've passed the time-race levels, and re played them to get better scores, and i've played all the arcade levels twice at least, but i can't get past the last level of arcade... i die EVERY TIME... i've been working on it for weeks... its pissing me off like mad)

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