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Heres ATI DVD player 7.5



Still waiting for the downloadable version of the ATI DVD Player 5?
Dont bother go here http://www.fdrsoft.fr.fm/ and get ATI MMC with DVD player. This is version 7.5 of the ATI DVD player and it works a treat. The only drawback is, it is a large download (43mb) but I have just downloaded it using a dialup connection, worth it though
I notice that this is a "someone got his hands on it" version. I guess I can wait until ATI updates at their site. PowerDVD XP plays my movies really well - the best i've seen. I know the last version of ATI's DVD player sucked (for Win2k and ME), at least on my system.

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Cast the "eye of the moderatro" over it, and it does seem a little illegal, but the site seems pretty legit so I think I will leave it
(Even tho ATI strictly always leaves there DVD software out of their MMC releases) - You should only go for this if you have an ati card.

Basically ati 5 is based on Cineplayer 4.0 which is a fine player, even tho the release build of Cineplayer4.0 is slightly newer :p

Ati DVD player 4.1 might currently be better than 5, tho I imagine (and hope) that they cleared up the shoddy interface!!!


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i gotta use windvd2000
powerdvd4 which i really liked has a conflict with claud.ax when it comes to MSN

if i msg anyone on msn, it will shut msn down due to claud.ax
uninstalled msn and its fine
had this happen when i had powerdvd2.5, 3 and now 4 install in xp
(seperate obviously)

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