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Here is a tough one for y'all .. Pre-defined posting templates


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I am trying to figure out how to make a pre-defined posting template for my board. I am using invision board 1.3 final.

I would like to do this where I can have diff settings for each forum. When I say pre-defined I mean: say for example you want the members to post a certian way. For example if you have a tech forum and want them to give the info on what kind of mobo, vid card, sound card, ect they have. Instead of them putting mobo:, vid card: sound card: ect:. The template would do it for them. All the would have to do is put the rest in.

So the template would look like so:

Vid Card:
Sound Card:

You can also set it up where the info comes directly from there profile fields, or another source you have to get the info from.

Then all they would have to put is what they have .. This makes it easier for the members to follow the forum regulations on posting. As well as make it more neat.

Like I said I would like to be able to set it up diff for each forum. So my question is does anyone know how to do this ??

Thanx for any help that is given :)


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Well I am sure that it would require a lot of work and editing of the forum software, so it may not be an easy answer to give. Therefore, no one replied. I certainly would not know how to help you with this.

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