please help me, when i try to boot pc, nothing happens, fans,speakers appear to want to start, but dont. this happened all of a sudden. i am running amd 950 on a abit ka7. I bought a new case with 350w power supply and didn't change a thing. My thinking maybe mother board or processor. Any suggestions?????????


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I've had this problem :

1 . Try to select AGP2x from BIOS ( Plug& Play ... ) if 4x is currently selected and from cpu settings - defaults .. More details about your sytem would be helpful !


double check you cable connections internally.. if they are all connected perhaps the power supply is faulty.. did you replace anything else aside from the case?


i would ckeck agp2x but system won't boot. and no, I replaced case with powersupply because my first thought was power supply went bad. I hate to just start replacing parts. the system was working fine friday nite, with no flaws, but saturday, nothing when i push the power button, it is like fans start to turn, but shuts down immediately and no other signs of booting. what else do you want to know about my system? im running xp pro, amd 950, abit ka7, 512mb pc133, sound blaster xgamer, ti 4600 card, what else?????????


thats what i thought too, that is why i bought case with new power supply. any other suggestions. and i had all connections double checked by someone else, just to make sure connected to mb correctly

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First of all try resetting your BIOS. Instructions in your motherboard manual will tell you how to do this. But generally it involves moving a jumper on the motherboard

take all your cards out (sound, modem, network etc except graphics)

disconnect all drives from the motherboard

Try booting now, if it boots put it all back in one by one until you find the faulty component.

If it doesn't then your'e only left with motherboard,chip, memory and graphics card.

If you have more than 1 dimm, remove one and try again, if that doesn't work, try the other.

If it still doesn't work really provoke it by leaving the memory out altogether, it should beep plaintively, this would prove the motherboard and chip works.

If this still doesn't work, put the memory back in and try taking the graphics card out, if it beeps now then it the grahics card faulty.

If it still doesn't boot, then your'e just left with chip and board.

Only way to test these is with another working processor. put the working one in and if it boots then it;s the chip, if it doesn't its the board.


thanks for all your help, it turned out to be my Motherboard was smoked. Up and running again with lots of upgrades lol

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