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it's been a few days since i installed the new mobo and cpu (ASRock 939 Dual Sata2 and a Athlon 64 3200+) and i even managed to overclock from 2.0 to 2.66ghz but out of nowhere when browsing online i got a blue screen that said there's a problem with windows and needs to be shutdown/restarted to prevent any damage and also said if there was a recent new hardware installation, to check the installation..

neone can help with this?

i was thinking i should format and reinstall windows xp and all

need help quick!


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well, thats quite a hefty overclock you got going there. You might wanna tone it down (if not all the way) and see if that is whats causing the issue.


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yeah i thought that was a huge overclock too, i couldn't change ne multiplier values (still trying to figure out how to overclock this hard drive) but could change frequencey (i think it was i forget). After the incident i went back down to the default 2.0ghz


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wow... you gave me my laugh for the day! *claps* No but really though if you are having troubles at all, make sure all your OC settings are toned back to default. You need to track down where this is coming from.
When overclocking take baby steps. Go about 3-5% at a time. Then run a benchmark like sisoft sandra lite (freeware) that monitors temperature.

Run the benchmark for 30 minutes. If the temp stays below 50 deg C and the system doesn't crash try another 3-5%.

If the temp starts rising rapidly, or you get a crash, back it off to the previous successful attempt.

You can start with 5% (2.1gig), then 10% (2.2gig). After that drop it to 3% per step.

Most systems will do 10% ok. After that it depends on your luck.

NEVER OC Video Cards. They are not forgiving like RAM and CPUs are.


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I realized why I couldn't overclock properly. Stupid me, when I installed the mobo and cpu I didn't update the BIOS and when I checked out the asrock site I saw that they had an updated bios driver to support my cpu. After that the system works much better and I can PROPERLY overclock in smaller increments :D

I've haven't had the time to really take it slow and overclock my system bit by bit, but so far it's at 2.33ghz from 2.0


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yeah..... overclocking is better to do in small steps than one large leap (...this coming from the man who OC'd his P4 2.4C to 3.0 in one huge leap..... and it ran perfectly fine surprisingly).

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