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8 Mar 2004
I'm at the end of my rope here people, so any help would GREATLY be appreciated! I just bought a PowerColor GeForce 2 Ti and popped it into my Win 98 box and the same day did a clean install of XP Home. Everything in XP works fine except graphics stuff. When I went to update my drivers (27.10), I noticed XP had set my card as a GeForce 2 DDR. Still not bad...
I figured the driver update would fix it. It did, when I booted back up, I checked and my Ti was recognized and running fast. For about 5 minutes. Then everything locks up (Except my mouse sometimes) and XP reboots. When I get back in, it tells me it's a problem with my graphics drivers. Oh, and yes I have the latest VIA 4-in-1's installed.
I have tried the drivers from NVidia, and the new 27.20's, the 23.12's in there with no luck. Same lockup. So I finally rolled back the driver to the original windows one. My main problem is that I can't play anything with OpenGL with the basic XP drivers. That and it runs like crap compared with how the new drivers ran... Now for system specs:

Mobo: Asus K7V
Video: PowerColor GeForce 2 Ti
Proc: Athalon 700
Sound: SBLive!
Network card: Linksys

I've also attatched DXDiag for anyone who knows what they're doing. PLEASE HELP!!!

You are probably also getting the BSOD where it tells you that the driver got into an infinite loop.
I had the exact same problem. I tried abiut every Asus and Nvidia driver that I could find and the only one that worked for me was the 23.11 driver.
Also it is very important that you do NOT use a dwonload accelerator and must turn off your virus scanner (this is also being told on the download page). I had several problems by not following these rules.

Good luck
"You are probably also getting the BSOD where it tells you that the driver got into an infinite loop."
Nope, it just reboots after locking for 10 seconds or so. And I've tried the 23.11's.
"Also it is very important that you do NOT use a dwonload accelerator and must turn off your virus scanner."
I don't use either. :(
Great, the article basically tells you that you're SOL. Hmm, I have another idea... Anyone know anything about power supplies?
Ive had the same issues but with g3 this is what I did I am now running with 27.20 (btw Im scoring over 8400 now).............I already had the latest 4+1,I installed the 27.10 driver, in the nvmax under the compatibility at the bottm where it says systems there is a box you can check that states windows 2000,xp +athlon fix. I just scored 7006 on the 3dmark 2001.I increased my core frequ. to 200mhz. and my memory to 475 mhz. As of yet (knock on wood)no bsod.
Yeah I agree, it sounds like your power supply is suspect.
Its worth trying a friends in there before spending your wad.
Thanks guys, I managed to fix it for now. I'll pick up a new power supply in a week or so. For now, to get it to work I had to disable fastwrites.

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