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OK I have a cable modem connection going to a linksys router which goes to 3 computers. I took one of the cables and plugged it into a hub, which goes to my desktop, xbox, and new laptop with XP. I can't for the life of me get the laptop to have an internet connection. Everything is static and I have internet on all the other computers, what settings do I use to get my XP networked????


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The problem is with the inernet conneciton, and NetWare protocols are not routed on the internet. DO NOT install NwLink if your problem is internet access.

Make sure that the Laptop is plugged in firmly and that the IP is unique, the subnet is the same, and DNS servers are set correctly.

Also, if you are plugging sometihng into the UPLINK port on the hub, it usually disables the standard port immediately next to it. Try moving the laptop's connection to another port on the hub.


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