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Abit KT7A mobo
Athlon XP 2000(1.67Mhz)
640 SDRam
Award Bios.

Please bear with me as I am not an expert,my pc has been performing ok untill the other night,I was playing MOHAA(breakthrough) when my pc crashed(not the first time).I rebooted
and during bootup screen there was the message"c-mos checksum error",cant remember what else,at bottom of screen was" press F1 to continue or del to enter cpu soft menu".I carried on,XP loaded,no files missing or data lost but I noticed the time and date were wrong,Jan 2001.I rebooted and went into bios and noticed that my athlon was now 1250.Came out of that but had to pull power lead out 3 or 4 times before it rebooted.I cleared the c-mos by the jumper, rebooted got back in to the bios
to try to change cpu speed(cpu speed=external clock X multiplier factor) but getting out of my depth.I tried different combinations but cannot change it to how it was before.Its a wonder I have not fryed it,when I change it and save it .the pc goes off but does not boot(led activity present) then I have to go through power lead to reboot and then the message changes to "cpu is unworkable or has been changed,recheck-cpu soft menu" ,same thing on bottom of screen,press F1 to continue or del to enter soft menu.Sorry if bit long winded,run out of space now.Mick.


hardware monkey
you're trying to set your fsb to 133, right? and set your multiplier to 12.5. also make sure your memory is set to run at HOSTCLK and not HOSTCLK+PCICLK (something like that).

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