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I ordered 2 256 SDRAM from newegg.com and they don't work! :(
When I put them in, the computer just wouldn't start up... Whats wrong? I know that my old RAM is SDRAM and it works fine.... I don't understand... Help please?


I read my MB specifications and it said that it will support this kind of RAM... This doesn't make any since... I ordered 64MB SDRAM from Gateway abd it worked easily... This is just All Components 256MB SDRAM.... ????????????????????
Many possibilities, none fatal.

1). Did you leave your ols ram in too? More than 2 sticks you may need registered Ram (Has output buffers). If this is it take out the old stuff and just use the new.

2). Are you tring to set speed for PC133 and one or more sticks is only PC100? Can only use speed that slowest is rated at.

3). As per the above post maybe one is bad. Trytaking it all out and installing one at a time.

4). I've had a heck of a time seating some sticks properly, especially with the motherboard in the case. It's a tight fit and I had to actuall push it in unitl I heard a slight click. BE CAREFUL. Make sure the extracter cicp on the side pop up to vertical when the new ram is installed. Finally. I had some cheap ram with silver colored contacts instead of the good gold contatcs. I ABSOLUTELY had to pulll the motherboard to install that ram and get it seated just perfect or it would not work.

5). You bought PC100 ram and you motherboard had PC1333 and there is a jumpoer set to for pc 133.


mmmm... Well I guess I could try some of this stuff... Thanks for the help guys I will get back to ya...

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