Help, XP locks up for 1 Min. after Boot



If anyone could help please.

I have a newly built computer. Fresh load of XP. I installed it twice and still have the same problem. After it fully Boots, 45 seconds to full boot, it is fine for 7 seconds and then it freezes for almost a min. No functions work and after, there is a quick flicker of the icons and the hard drive shows a quick burst of activity and then it is ready to go. I have gone through the startup and have it down to a minimum. I have used Bootvis to improve the start and it did not show anything strange, exept that on restart boot vis does not come up till the 70 second mark. It is as if something is holding the system or it is looking for something. Auto update is off and so it Restore. Did it from the start, before any programs were loaded. Very few on it now. Nothing in the lower right bar, it is running minimum. Big thanks for any help.

Intel 2.4 800fsb
1 gig Geil mem.
MSI Neo 2
western dig 80 gig
radeon 9800
soundblaster live platinum

If there any other info that would help, please let me know. Thanks Ben


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Have you tried disconnecting any unneeded periferals? Printer? Network? Have you tried removing each PCI card one by one to determine if any of them are creating the problem? Do you have any issues listed in your Device Manager?
I have had problems with the newer mainboards and Western Digital harddrive. It should be set as cable select if it's the only HD. Also update the software for the board after insalling SP1. In control panel/network connections/ properties/ advance check the box to enable firewall.


First thanks for some new places to look.

1. I have not tried the the printer yet. I will also try the modem. There are no probems reported by the device manager.

2. the network card is on the motherboard and it is an intel Gigibit lan. I have the latest drivers for it but I will try to disconnect it and see if it makes a difference. What would I be looking for in the event viewer? Thanks

3. I do have a Western Digital 80 gig with the 8 meg cach. I will try the cable select. I have recently put an IBM 40 gig as a second drive on it. It had the problem long before I put that one on. I did update all the software on the board, I actually installed all the latest stuff from the net instead of using the CD's in most cases. SP1 is on and all Microsoft updates are in as well. I know that the firewall is not on so I will turn it on and see if that helps.

Thanks for giving me some new things to try, I am pulling my hair out, what little I have left, And was at the end of what I know to do. I will give these a try and let you know what happens. Again, thanks Ben.


I had a similar problem for a long while, try this:

Go to Control Panel, Network and Internet Connections then click Network Connections. Now right click Local Area Network and select properties, highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and hit properties again, tick 'Use following IP address' and enter into the IP address field, also the Subnet mask should be while leaving Default Gateway blank.

those directions are correct assuming you have your control panel in Category view, If you've gone to Classic it's simply under Network Connections.

Click OK a couple of times and then reboot to see if it helps any.

Fingers crossed.
Eh - if he does that he wont be able to connect to the internet if he uses broadband and gets an IP address automatically.

Notes the modem, but just in case...

Anyhoo, i think it was the Workstation Service - Set that to Manual..



I have DSL (broadband) and that fix has no effect on me recieving a dynamically assigned IP, I suggest you give it a go and see. If TheBlueRaja is right (may be so if you have Cable broadband) then reverse harm done.


I have SBC DSL. I will try them all and see. I will also check the logs and try to post them. This will be my project tonight. This is great to have so much help. Really, thanks, Ben


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Originally posted by TheBlueRaja
Eh - if he does that he wont be able to connect to the internet if he uses broadband and gets an IP address automatically.

Notes the modem, but just in case...
That only sets the LAN IP not the WAN IP, the modem will obtain that. I also suggest looking up your DNS server(s) and manually entering them.

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Here some things. Some have been mentioned already.

Correcting System Hang at Startup

If your system hangs about 2 or 3 minutes at startup, where you can't access the Start button or the Taskbar, it may be due to one specific service (Background Intelligent Transfer) running in the background. Microsoft put out a patch for this but
it didn't work for me. Here's what you do:

1. Go to the control panel/admin tools/.
2. Go to the 'Services' tab, find the 'Background Intelligent Transfer' service, disable it, apply the changes & reboot.

Also if not on a network disable 'workstation' at the same place as above.

After you choose to start Windows from the Boot menu, you may experience a long delay (or pause) before your computer finishes starting. Note that this delay may range from 10 seconds to a minute. Also, this delay occurs before the Starting Windows progress bar appears, and your computer may appear to stop responding (hang) during this time.

This behavior can occur if Windows is installed on a drive or a partition to which Windows cannot gain access with normal Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) INT-13 or INT-13 extension calls. When Windows Setup determines it cannot use BIOS calls to start, it uses scsi() or signature() syntax in the Boot.ini file instead of multi() syntax.

When booting a system that requires scsi() or signature() syntax, Ntldr loads an additional device driver (Ntbootdd.sys) to initialize and interrogate the boot controllers in your computer. Ntldr then seeks the associated boot drive attached to the controller to finish loading the kernel. These additional operations take more time in Windows because of the Plug and Play nature of the operating system.

This behavior is expected, however, Windows Setup may use scsi() or signature() syntax, even if your computer can boot using the normal BIOS calls. This may occur on Integrated Drive Electronics-based computers when using a large capacity boot drive. In this case, you can try adding an additional entry in the Boot.ini file and use multi() syntax on the new entry to boot from. Note that if this works, your computer starts without pausing.
Originally posted by j79zlr

That only sets the LAN IP not the WAN IP, the modem will obtain that. I also suggest looking up your DNS server(s) and manually entering them.
Not, if like me, you dont have a cable modem and just get an ethernet connection straight in from a set top box - remember not everyone has the same setup.

He didnt specifiy if his "Modem" was a dial-up 56k or a cable modem.


One thing that slowed my pc whilst booting, was having a large (600Mb) exe on my desktop.The poor pc would be searching through this file for the icon info, so it looked the machine had frozen.
Once I moved the offending .exe to a directory other than the desktop, BINGO, problem solved :)


AND THE WINNER IS ................

Hipster Doofus !!! It was the Workstation in the Services. I went one at a time and work through all the solutions. (about a hunderd reboots) and the workstation was the one. I have put everything back, I think and everything looks fine. I will know in another day if it was a flook or if it is fixed for good.

Thanks you to everyone that helped me with this. You guys are great and you dont know how much help you have all been. Thanks Again. Ben

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I'm not sure, but I think that was dealer, unless he edited to make it look like he said it first...I don't think he would do that though

...I could be wrong aobut that

anyway, glad it worked out

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