HELP WTF!! is going on ?

Shamus MacNoob

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Ok this is really weird I am sitting at the puter and poof my whole screen goes into one little line near the top of moniter ... it is approx 3-4 mm wide the line is ..... this has happened a few times but I dont seem to pinpoint a cause ie like a certain game in a certain place .... just happened and I was reading a web page... anyone have any ideas ??????
Sounds like...

...a video card or monitor issue to me. Try degaussing the monitor and reseating the video card. Also if you can borrow another monitor plug it in for a few days to see if it happens again. It would help to eliminate cause.

Shamus MacNoob

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No noises at all no over heating , no foul smells from moniter or tower ... yes maybe if I use a diff moniter for a few days would allow me to find out if it is the moniter or the card ..... I will reseat the card ..... I am about to buy a new moniter anyways this one is getting a little old so maybe I should do that in a hurry huh!!
your monitor sounds ghetto to me kermit. d0n't worry tho b/c mine is too. im geting this cool viewsonic 19'' one...its so nice its flat crt. can't afford a lcd

Shamus MacNoob

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LOL hip and his gremlins !!!

Yes I am looking at a 19 inch flat also ..... waiting for the lcd's to drop more there still rather expensive :eek:

Shamus MacNoob

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Well that moniter finally died big time ... had to use an old 15 inch with max 72mhz refresh for a week LOLOL oh my poor eyes ...but good news is I got a brand new 19 inch pure flat screen TTX today :D :p :happy:

and I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shamus MacNoob

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I got a great deal $375 (can) no taxes ..... and a 2% discount for paying cash !! I have done alot of bussiness with this store over the last few monthes thousands of dollars of stuff

its listed at 425$ can on their home site its the 1997 model

TTX 1997
CRT 19" diagonal (18" Viewable) Perfectly Flat CRT. .21 Horizontal (.25mm Diagonal) dot pitch, Anti static, Anti reflection coating
Resolution 1600x1200 @ 75Hz 1280x1024 @ 85Hz 1024x768 @ 100Hz 800x600 @150Hz 640x480 @160 Hz
Display Infinite Colours
Scanning Frequencies Horizontal : 30-95 KHz
Video Bandwidth 200 MHz
Display Area (H x V) 346mm x 260mm
Input Connector DB-15
Power Source Universal Power Supply (90-240V,50/60Hz)
Power Management VESA DPMS, EPA Energy Star
User Controls Power on/off, Brightness, Contrast, Degauss, H-Size,H-Phase,V-Size,V-Center,
Plug & Play Compatibility VESA DDC1 & 2B compliant
Regulations MPR-II
Dimensions (W x H x D) 446mm x 436mm x 455mm
Net Weight 20Kg / 44lbs
Operating Temperature 0 to 40 Degree C.
Warranty Full 3 years limited warranty including CRT

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