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Help with Yahoo! Instant Messenger


Can you handle this?

I was wondering if anybody could help me out.. I have yahoo instant messenger 5.5 and can't get the super mode for the webcam to work. I've tried everything like turning off firewalls by running a msconfig and stuff. I don't know what else to do...

I have windows xp professional and I'm connected through Verizon Online DSL.


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Since the Yahoo website doesn't offer much help in figuring out why super mode doesn't work (i assume both of you are on broadband connections) the best thing I can suggest is go to one of the Webcam Help pages on Yahoo, go down to the bottom of the page and where it asks Is this enough information click on the No button and fill out the form and ask Yahoo if they have any suggestions.

BTW, have you tried connection with more than one person to try to determine if the problem is on your end or the other end?


Can you handle this?
Yeah, I did try to get more information by clicking the No button on the bottom of the page and filled out the form. They never got back to me, and it's been about a week and a half.

Yes, we are both on a broadband connection, and I have tried to connect with more than one person. I think the problem may be on my side, but I'm not totally sure. I thought I had gotten the super webcam to work the other night without broadcasting my webcam to anyone. But when I hit broadcast, it went back to being slow again.

Now, I also have AOL Instant Messanger and I couldnt directly connect to anybody. Just the other day after switching a few settings around on my computer, I was able to finally directly connect to people - but not get the super webcam working. I thought the two may have been tied together, but I guess not.


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I have a friend that is having the same problem that you are. If we figure out a way to get it to work I will try to let you know.


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Finally managed to get super cam working with my friend that is on DSL. What we had to do was turn off the router function of their D-Link 504 so that it functions just as a DSL modem and not a router. It appears that super cam does not work with NAT at all. Obviously this means disabling the rest of their home network during the time they want to use super cam.

It also appears that a firewall on either end can prevent super cam from working. With one friend I have to turn Zonealarm off for it to work but with another friend it works fine with Zonealarm running.

Never did get an answer from Yahoo.

Dont know if this will help you at all but it appears to me that both users better have a real (external) ip address and not an internal ip address. I may be wrong about this but it looks that way based on the limited experience I have had with super cam.


Can you handle this?

Thanks for the info, I'll give it a try and hope it works. I had just about given up on Yahoo and my friend is on a mission on completing his own instant messenger with web cam capabilities.

Thanks so much!

What's the difference between an external IP address as opposed to an internal IP address? Obviously, one being inside and the other outside.. what does one give me that the other one wouldn't?


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Basically an external IP address is the one that is seen on the internet (this is the IP address that is provided by your ISP). An internal IP address is one that is used on your network, generally 192.168.0.X where X is between 2 and 254, the internal IP address is assigned by your router or the computer that you use to share an internet connection. If your computer has an internal IP address rather than an external IP address then you have to have a router or gateway computer that performs Network Address Translation (NAT). This means the router or gateway computer routes internet traffic to the appropriate computer on the home network. Only the router or gateway computer has an external IP address and essentially all of the computers on the network share this single external IP address. This sharing of the single external IP address can cause problems with certain programs that require direct communications between two computers.

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