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Help with Windows Media Player



Hello, new to the forums. I just installed XP and it all went fine. No errors so far except the odd one here and there, but NO crashes or restarts :). I haven't touched or upgraded a thing, but when i go to see the Harry Potter trailer, it does all the Buffer stuff to 100% but then it freezes and i have to close it cause it does not respond. Does Anyone know why that would happen? It doesn't happen with quicktime, only with Windows Media Player...
I'm really not sure what the problem could be unless it's the file itself. Have you got all of the hotfixes and other things you need from windows update installed?


I dont think it is the file cause it doesn't work with Launch@Yahoo.com when i try to watch a music video. I dont know which update to install or how to do it. Is there a link? What should I do? What should i be looking for?
Go to Start> run> put this in the run box: %SystemRoot%\system32\wupdmgr.exe

You'll be prompted to install a small bit of software... it's cool, go for it. Then let it scan for updates... get all the critical updates and read the definitions for the recommended updates for any you might want or need.

You should have a shortcut called Windows Update somewhere in your start menu... that command string will launch the same thing as that. Because I'm not certain where exactly it is by default is why i gave the command string instead.


Okay..just saw something...When i view the file, before it downloads i just click stop and it stops. Because the windows media player screen is sor tof "embedded" into the page, i just right click it and go to ABOUT. It says that it is Windows Media Player 6.4 . Will that have any effect on whether I can see the video or not?

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