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help with visiontek gf4 ti 4600 and Gigabyte GA-7VAXP mboard



i just bought a Gigabyte GA-7VAXP motherboard and tried to put my GF4 Ti 4600 into it. I put the card in and turned my machine on, and i get a 2 second long beep and thats it, screen is black. Tried the video card in another computer and it still works fine, tried a radeon 9700 and 9000 in the GA-7VAXP and they work fine, can somebody please give me some idea to do, i have another computer with the GA-7VAXP also and the GF4 will not work in that one either. The card works in every other motherboard we have here, any ideas?



I think i read somewhere ages and ages ago about problems with Ti4600s and some VIA boards. Check with manufacturer
I had a GF ti 4200 work with that board, and a gf 4600, and a gf 4400 which i use right now. Your videocard is screwed, scrap it, or return it.
Boy have I been here before,

1) Its NOT your videocard.
2) Its NOT your powersupply.
3) Return your V1.0 or V1.1 GA-7VRXP board to Gigabyte for a replacement.

There is a HUGE problem with the Gigabyte GA-7VRXP motherboard and the Geforce 4 Graphics cards. You need to have the V2.0 motherboard in order to have a compatible system. (Look on the motherboard for the version number). I had a V1.1 which just kept on crashing, DABS.com the swine that they are refused to take it back calling it an incomatability, even though the box has a huge GeForce 4 compatable sticker on the front, so i phoned gigabyte and they arranged for a return to them. Took about a week, but it was worth it. I now have the V2.0 and no problems.

A workaround is to increace the CPU Vcore setting in the BIOS to +7.5 or +10%. But i had to get my board RMA'd (Return to Manufacturer) to gigabyte in order to get a replacement for my 1.1. After all why should i have to up the Vcore just to keep an unclocked system stable.


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blue raja... your stated score and compare don't match... might need to change the compare number perhaps ?
Ohh - by the way Sazar - Nice score, but - Why so low with an 9700? I though they cam in around 14000 odd... Or is that the clocked ones?
Blue there's any issue with 7VRXP and Nvidia Geforce 4 cards? Woah, didn't know that, I ran all these cards fine on my rig...huh maybe it's just different versions of the mobo. But are you sure that it's not his card? It's easier to return the card then the whole mobo. I think he should try his luck with the card first. Any support people?
There is a HUGE problem with the Gigabyte GA-7VRXP motherboard and the Geforce 4 Graphics cards. You need to have the V2.0 motherboard.
Like i said - you need to make sure you have the Version 2.0 motherboard.

I would have a look over here http://forums.viaarena.com and goto the Gigabyte section, I know im not supposed to do this but in this case i think its essential that gigabyte owners get all the facts.

Good luck.

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