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HELP with video resolutions



I am having a major problem with my computer. I can not display some resolutions anymore (640x480...800x600...1024x768) all the other resolutions work but these. So I can not open any applications that use these resolutions (almost everything) Everything worked fine before I put the comp in storage for a month when I turned it on after that I would get error messages when trying to open games etc... I thought that the registry had become corrupted so I decided to format and do fresh install of windows XP pro. But I am still experiencing the same problems. My system is a p3 1gig, 512meg of ram, gforce4 ti 4400 with the 41.09 drivers. Does anybody know how to re-enable these resolutions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
not sure why you lost the other two but xp will not go below 800x600 so you wont see any settings lower than that.

wasn't damp or anything was it? dropped? possible bad video card, or connection. or if something got corroded?


hardware monkey
go to your display settings, 'adapter' tab, and click on the 'list all modes...' button. from there you can select any resolution/color depth/refresh rate down to 640x480x16x60hz.

not sure what your problem is. good luck, though.

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