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I want to share my internet connection to 3 computers
I have a netgear router and 4 port hub

Do i just plug the cat5 from the cable modem to the router and another cat5 from the router to the hub and from there the computers can connect to the hub right?

is there anything i have to enable to get internet to these or am i going to be able to just pull up internet and all these computers then afterwards?
Make sure all your TCP/IP addresses are set to Obtain Automatically, then just plug in and reboot the machines and you should be on

OK, i set the router up and all... i have internet to all machine but why on earth will it not let me see the local machines? I share files on the machines and still nothing...

I dont understand
What is the OS on all machines, and how are they conneted?

running XP pro on all machines...

connection is coming from a Cable model into a Netgear Internet Router, then into a Netgear 4 port hub... and then the cat5 to the computers.
Make sure the workgroup names are the same and comptuer namaes are different. Check under the "Computer Name" tab of the System control panel
I am not quite sure what you mean by "I share files on the machines"

by default only "stuff" <-- [note highly technical 'puter lingo term]
in your shared folder will be available to all machines and users.
To share anything outside of the shared folder requires you to go and specificially give sharing permission for that (drive, folder, etc).

If you put something in the shared folder can the other machines see/access it??

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