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Help with recommended running and recommended max temps


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Hi there i shall shortly be reciving my Digi-Doc 5 Thermal Control Unit. This is case you dont know allows you to configure fans to switch on at certain temperatures. So what i wish to know is the maxium temperature I should allow certain componets to reach before active cooling begins.

CPU (which is a XP2100+)
GFX Card (which is a Geforce3ti200 (creative labs with the large heatsink)
Northbridge (on a ABIT KR7A-133Raid) Via 266a chipset
Bottom PSU fan (enermax PSU)
other fans to control are intake and outake.



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well, the cpu fan should always be running. i guess you could set it to 50° and the fan would kick off for about 5 seconds every 2 minutes. lol, that'd be a bit annoying.

if your video card has a large heatsink, then you could try a temp like 60°. i'm pretty sure it can tolerate a lot of heat. lord knows i've felt the back of many-a-gpu and they can get very hot and still function.

same goes with northbridge, i guess.

and did you open up your power supply to re-wire your bottom ps fan? because if you're just using that 3-pin fan header that comes with it, that's merely for rpm monitoring. you can't control the speed of it.

intake/exhaust fans... maybe 30°? but again, these would be turning off and on on a regular basis.

this must make a mess inside your case, with all the fan wire routing to and from the control unit and all the temperature probes. if you're concerned about noise, you can run certain fans at 5v or 7v via a molex connector. they'll be practically silent and your temps will be more consistent.


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I did think about changing the voltage but in the end i opted for this solutioni am converting my coolermaster heatpipe cpu heatsink to hold an 80mm enermax fan this and all the other fans on my system are speed adjustable. This means i may opt to leave some of them running. I do think it will be handy for exhasting hot air though and still provides very good monitoring. As for the mess in the case i have never seen one with a similuar hardware amount to me tidy anyway :D

Good point on the psu i am not sure if its for monitoring but i think i read somewhere it can control the fan too ???
If you ask me:
- Keep it below 60C
- Preferrably 50C (set max at 50)
- For details, check the manufacturers specs.

This goes for all components.

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