I just added the ramdisk utility on this site for xp...its supposed to be a 30 mb disk for temp files and cookies and the like...well i followed everything correctly, merged the reg file into the registry and restarted...when i got back on its still only 1 mb...not im kinda weirded out having my temp file directory with 1 mb to spare btw temp and internet files...can someone help me straighten this out? either remove the changes ive made or make the ram disk actually 30 mb? im just not sure how to resize a partition of ram or if there is a way to do it...if u can help asap id really appreciate.


2 Dec 2001
I don't have that one running so I can't help you troubleshoot it. I have the one from AR Soft kikin' at 122mb though. Installation on this one was likity splikity and has started every time i've rebooted so it's a keeper for me. If you want to change gears and give it a try I can help you with it. You can get it here:

btw, i have NO idea how to uninstall the one you're using. You should be able to restore your system to a date before you installed it and it will clean it off your system for you.

How much ram do you have installed?


Maybe I'm wrong, but from the info in the link you gave, it looks like the Ram Disk forgets everything on restart, thereby deleting all cookies, URL's, and temp internet files so people can cover their tracks.
Are you sure you ran the Ramdisk long enough to put more than 1 meg into it?

I am running RAMdisknt 1.5 on XP Pro. It works great, allows me to save its contents to disk, either periodically or at shutdown, and then reload contents at startup.
I moved Temp Internet Files there, and they reload at each startup. Not much speed improvement on viewed pages, however, since a lot of the page still needs to load before it can be compared to the stored version.
They recommend not using the disk for paging---after all paging only takes place when more RAM is needed, and more RAM wouldn't be needed if the disk weren't there!

Any advice on using this RAM disk to increase system speed?

Not familiar with your disk, but some limit size before registration.

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