help with ramdisk xp pro



I am trying to install historykill into my
ramdisk xp pro but every time I boot up its gone.
could some one please show me how to do it
coz its doin my head in.
have looked on web sites but no details how to use.

What's history kill? If it's a program then yeah, poof!!! Install it, zip it, then when you want it back on the ramdisk, unzip it. Otherwise it will keep vanishing.
when you say zip it zip it to where ?
how do I make it automatically run in ramdisk xp pro ?
historykill deletes everything when booted up e.g cookies temp etc.
If you want to run the program from the ramdisk... install it there, then zip everything that was installed. Put the zipped file on your hard drive somewhere and when you want to run that program from your ramdisk you'll need to unzip it back to it. RAM is volatile... when you shut down everything in it goes away... so you'll have to keep putting it back when you boot back up each time.
thx very much

but is there any way I can make it run automaticly when it boots up e.g like a start up file somewhere
you could put the contenst of the zip in a folder on your comp, then make a .bat file to copy all files over to the ram disk on startup

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