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Help with probs

I have just set up a network of 2 pc`s,I can share files(except windows and program files on "c" drive on host pc)I can print from client pc ok,I just cannot get the ics working,I have read loads of info on prob but am getting brain overload.I am a newbie with this networking thing so please bear with me.Also if I do get ics working am I right in thinking that I need firewall/virus protection on client pc,I have NIS on host pc.and is it better to have a router?I am running both pcs on win xp pro,network is wired.
-if I do get ics working am I right in thinking that I need firewall/virus protection
Every PC needs firewall and virus protection! You need to protect the PC from infection by floppies, cd's, email, etc. and you need to keep multiple pcs on the network from attacking each other. You can download a good freeware antivirus (AVG) and the zonealarm firewall.

-is it better to have a router?
Routers will take the workload off your PC that is connected to the internet. In that way yes, it is better. The router NAT firewall is ok but it only stops inbound attacks. If you get a worm/virus from a disk, cd, email it can still get out and it can still spread pc to pc over your LAN.


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tell us which os both pc's are on, makes a difference, if windows xp pro just say i know what i am doing and click the share this folder tick mark.


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cuz on home edition somtimes it tells u it wont share something that is in a system folder or a private folder (such as the desktop)

Thanks for the replies folks,I have xp pro( service pack 1)on host and xp pro on client(no sp 1).As stated in my first message I have Norton IS and AV on host pc,also I have only got an internal modem(dial up),can I get a router still,any suggestions on makes/models.
If you have an internal modem, you can't use a router. ICS is your way to go.

1. Turn on ICS on the modem on the host computer. Your network card will get as IP. Don't change it.
2. Set the client computer to obtain IP autmatically instead of setting one yourself.
3. The client computer should get an IP (192.168.0.x) and things should work from there.

Since you have NIS there will most likely be problems as it might block traffic from the client computer. So make sure NIS only protects the modem and not the network card. Or, if that's not possible, deactivate and unistall NIS.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply Zedric,all working ok but still not sure about security for the client pc.I set up NIS on host machine for networking.One thing I am not sure about is if I connect to internet with host pc that has NIS@NAV would a hacker etc be able to get into client machine while online or is there only that threat if I use internet connection(host pc) from client pc.Hope that makes sense.
I think I know what you mean. The client computer is protected by the host via the NAT in ICS, so a hacker can't get in from the outside. However, the client is still vulnerable to viruses and trojans that come in through visited websites or via email. So you'll still need and anti-virus program and, if you wish, a firewall to protect from mallicious outgoing traffic.
Reply to Zedric

Thanks again for reply Zedric,I read today exactly what you said about the client pc being protected by the NAT in ICS.I have also had ports probed on both pc`s by Shields Up(grc.com) and got a clean bill of health but i think i will install a/v and a firewall.


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