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help with parity checking!


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I'm taking a networking class and need some help with an assignment. I have to do parity checking on 4 letters using LRC (Longitudinal Redundancy Checking). If anyone has some knowledge on this, reply here and I will post the problem. What we did in class wasn't difficult, but we were using 7-bit ASCII. My assignment has 8-bit, and so I'm not sure what to do. I hope someone can help... thanks.


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I got it figured out. I wasn't initially aware that I was only concerned with checking the 1's and not the 0's as well. Figuring that out made things much easier. Don't you hate it when you take something simple and make it hard?


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Yeah, sorry I wasn't very clear on that initially. Basically, it was the change in bits that threw me off there. I was error-checking a single word, using the binary for each letter, and I was used to only checking in 7-bit ASCII. But anyway, it's done now, and I'm tired so I better not explain anymore or else I'll just add to the confusion. ;)

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