Help with overclocking my AMD 3200


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21 Sep 2006
i've overclocked my pc with ntune with a amd 3200+ is it ok to have the htt at 1250mhz with the cpu at 2250mhz which at stock should be 2000 ddr is 450mhz i can't the htt and ddr past 460mhz would this be possible the mem nothing amzing but it has heatsinks on both. ntune score about 160-165

i want to push it futher i have water cooling on cpu htt and 3d card and 5 fan assist. anyone who has experiance to let me know if this is a good as it gets
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Just watch the temperatures on the CPU and Chipset. Keep them below 60 at full load and you should be ok. The nice thing about software tuners is if you go too far it reboots and goes back to the original settings. No CMOS reset required.

Your limiting factor will likely be the chipset since the CPU is water cooled.

When you have gone as far as you think is prudent run the burn in suite in sisoft sandra to make sure everything is stable. MEMCheck is a good idea too.

Warning - There is always some risk of HD corruption when you crash. Make sure your backups are current.
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thanks. i've got a north bridge water block which keeps things at around 30-32 system temp. how do i check what cpu temp is on full load? is this the temp you get in bios?
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Why do you keep asking the same question over and over in different posts?

In your other thread I gave you a link to a guide and what YOU need to do is read it then you will know what to do and how far you can go. Plus you will know the risk involved should you blow the CPU up.

Overclocking AMD 64

i see your point the link that was given to me was very helpful i have read it and it did explain everything i downloaded the sofeware involved and everything was fine until for some reason cpu-z kept crashing the pc. i don't mean to repeat myself. i wanted to see if any other person had experiance on this matter. as i am using ntune for overclocking now. but i think that i'm starting to hit it's limits. it isn't the best hardware. it was just when i got my water cooler i just thought that the skys the limit.....i was wrong.. but i thought of getting a better pump as it will improve temp.

thanks for the reply
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I'm no expert in overclocking but I know that every CPU is different, one chip may not go as high as another chip thats the same model.

It's quite possible that you've reached the limit as to how much you can overclock.
I've overclocked just about every processor I've ever owned. What would you like to know?

What are your current speeds? Temps? Voltage settings, HT settings? Multiplier? Ram timings, board? Everything has a variable.

Let me know.
k i have a amd 64 3200+ with a standard speed of 2ghz 1500megs of ddr 400 which i got from pc world. timings are 2.5 3 3 4 they both have heatsinks i have a ati x550 256 3d card with eilte nforce4 motherboard. a zalmans resorator plus 1 with a water block on cpu north bridge and applied it to the ati card with a video card water block i have 5 fans keeping things cool just in case a 550w psu a 80Gig harddrive with a 14 gig harddrive on the same ide channel for page file temp is staying at 40 to 43c for cpu and 28 to 30-1c for system temp in bios..

what i done is by using ntune i've got 2250mhz from the cpu with a htt on x5 at 1125mhz mem is 450mhz cpu is at 10x muiltiplyer pci express is at 2500mhz standard which i've left. i find if i push it any higher it crashes out or gets really hairy voltage for cpu is unchanged the mem voltage is at 2.79v. getting an over all score of 160 to 168 in ntune ver 2.00.20 didn't get along with updated ver. before i followed overclocking tips from sticky which are very helpful and by lowering mem freg to 166mhz cpu muilti to x8 i got 2.5ghz from cpu at a temp of 43c but it wasnt a as fast as the setting i have now. i know it can go faster but somthing keeps crashing on me if i push it?
let me know what you think??
cheers with repect....
I'm not sure you will have the best of luck with Ntune, my experience with it has been pretty bad. It simply makes my system reboot or lockup whenever I tried to use it for overclocking purposes. So you would be better off just doing it the old fashioned way by going into the Bios and changing your values there.

Secondly, you say you have the Zalman Reserator? Being that, that is a passively cooled h20 system your cooling performance with it wont be a whole lot better then if you were just using traditional fans. With that in mind, just keep an eye on things and watch your temps! Its good that you have case fans still, but you regardless of having h20 cooling you want to have those anyways.

Now, if you are looking to OC your CPU, I say start there and only there. Keep everything at its stock settings for now. Now, if I remember correctly the 3200 had a unlocked multiplier correct? If thats true, then this will be cake. Just increase the CPU multiplier to something a little higher then stock. I don't remember the clock speeds of that CPU, but I would start with a modest OC of around 100mhz, then test it and increase a little bit at a time until you find the sweet spot. Then if you want, you can start OC other parts, Perhaps your GPU would make a good next target.

Anyways, that should be enough to get you started in the right direction. Welcome to the world of OC! :)

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