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HELP with my floppy disk




I got a huge problem over here :d

My netbanking works with a floppy disk BUT i think one of my children got a hold of it and it just wont work anymore :( I already hace tryid it on different computers all with the same result ! I get an error saying this floppy is not formatted would you want to format now :confused: NO I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT :d so on to the next option I triyd to open invia c promt but I get an simmiliar error (saying the files type is not in order ore something like that) I try chkdsk and it say's THE FILE TYPE IS FAT
error reading folder \. pffffffff I try to look an the properties but my computer freezes up for a few minutes so no more of that :p
I triyd to open it on different way'e (tru programs) ect ect but no luck.

Do you guess got a clue ???

Greetz Franky


You need to get Norton Utilities Disk Doctor to fix it for you.

or try Disk commander


Disk Commander allows you to reconstruct damaged or deleted files, whether they are inaccessible due to corruption or user error. If a virus attack or power surge has damaged your hard disk, or if you need to recover files that have been inadvertently deleted, then you need Disk Commander. It can even recover crucial files on disks that have been reformatted, and repair corrupted partition tables and boot sectors.


Forget the headache, just get a new diskette, then burn it on cd. That diskette is gone baby.
I have to agree with hunnee, once a floppy gives you that error it's time to replace it with the BACKUP I know you so wisely had available, D'oh!

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Can't believe how unreliable floppys are, itsincredible, the other day I was trying to install Windows2000 and I had to make 4 bootup floppy for them, so I formatted 4 floppies - no probs, but each disk then contained errors, only new disks seem to work properly..

Have given up with them completely now -- only use is as a bootdisk, if I need to take something to work, I will email it to myself, so much easier and I then also have an online copy thanksto hotmail etc.

Oops got a bit off topic there...

Which netbank are you with?
I use barclays and they have so many security measures, is a pain, I need some login code I can never remember, some password I can never remember and I also have to enter random digits of a special word I can never remember, works over the net tho which is a bonus, as well as with MS Money.


I'm with dexia (belgium)

It's great ! Only have to remember an 11 digits long password can be anything and the user key (but that's on the floppy) I can do about anything with my netbanking.


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