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Help with messenger and ports



I turned off the xp firewall and am using zone alarm pro. I cant do file transfers with msn messenger. I went into zone alarm advanced settings and allowed ports 6891-6900 in udp and tcp because i didnt know which to use. My internet zone is set at medium and my local zone is set at low. I still cant send files. I have searched for the answer everywhere but cant find it. Can anyone help? Thx


I couldnt get Active Ports to work on my xp machine. I tried compatibility mode also still no go. Im not using a router just zonealarm with dsl on a LAN. I cant figure it out.


Does it work without ZA running at all? What about on your gateway machine? Is there a firewall program running on the gateway?


are you using a proxy with the LAn. If so the system with teh MSN problem needs to be set to pass info thru the proxy adn back.
ICS or any other proxy could be blocking it from the gateway. It doesnt know where to send the info


No i'm not using a proxy. We have 2 comps using a hub with DSL and they are not networked together for sharing.



I've got the same problem! Plz reply on this subject:D I get so tired of this problem :eek: i cannot fix it :mad:


your problem is the HUB. It cannot route the incoming packets to the proper computer sending the request, causing a collision.
Try this disconnect the hub and connect the comp directly to the dsl modem, then open ZA and go to programs and clear all instances of MSN messenger.

Start up MSN, when ZA pops click to remember and allow to access internet, it should also pop up to allow server, have it remember that too. If it doesnt ask for the server allowance, go to the programs area of ZA and set it to.

It should work now.

IF you have the DSL connected to the hub and the comps to the hub its a wonder your even getting out on the net. You need a router to ROUTE the incoming and outgoing packets to the proper computer.

If by chance you have the DSL connected to a computer and the computer to a hub, using the hub for the other systems to reach the DSL, then you have made the system that IS connected the gateway, therefore your going to have to use a proxy program or ICS. AnalogX has a very simple and good proxy program that you could use


i have the same problem!!!! and i have no hub its just me my pc and external dsl modem......cant send or received files.....i though it was za pro so i unistall it and install tiny personal firewall, but itr didnt resolve the problem.....with icq is the same problem no send/received files.......with trillian is the same thing, but since two days ago i can send files w/trillian (only trillian) but sotemtimes it gets back and cant send files again

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