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Help with Java and Firefox

Can anyone help out with this mind numbingly boring but frustrating problem I'm having.

I've always used MS java, but since this is no longer available/ supported I was looking into Sun Java. I downloaded (which at 2.5kb/s was a tedium in itself) 1.42.05 only to read that it has a vulnerability. i got 1.42.06 only to find that when I test it on the java website test page (here I get a message telling me it is an old version. i finally download 1.5.0 (or whatever) to find it doesn't even load the test page correctly.

I went into the control panel applet and firefox wasn't even on the list of browsers. I tried mozilla but it wasn't having any of that.

Would it be better doing a reinstall and not installing MS JVM at all if so which version of Sun JRE am I best installing? and how do I get it to work with firefox??

I used to have long hair to my feet, I am so frustrated i've pulled it all out and what little I have makes me look like Penfold!!!!:eek:

If anyone can help I'd be really greatful!!
Hey NetRyder. yeah it's in about:plugins. there are 7 different entries.

I downloaded the full 14 meg file so I could install it offline to save me from having to redownload the next time I do a reinstall.

Any ideas???
If it's already present under the list of plugins, it should be properly installed. That's quite odd.
You might want to try a different approach - uninstall and reinstall Firefox instead of the JRE. Make sure you delete the Firefox folder in Program Files before you reinstall it.
right, just done a complete reinstall with no java at all. Can anyone give me advice on which one to install?? I've got Sun J2RE 1.4.2_06 or Sun JRE 1.5.0.

any help would be greatly appreciated

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