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Hi. A friend and I are trying to directly connect our computers via IP addresses, but can't seem to get it to work. We've tried the VPN feature built into XP, but that seems to be a total bust. Can't get that to work at all.

Anyone have any suggestions of programs we can use, or features in XP that will allow us to essentially browse each other's computers?



I actually tried this with my brother, we both have DSL and we were able to do this successfully. Try the following:

- Run ipconfig /all from a DOS Prompt and write down his IP address, he might have two depending on which type of method he is using to get out to the net.
- Ping his IP or IPS from your machine, if successfull goto the next step if not you will need to troubleshoot further until you are able to ping his PC (Check firewall, make sure his IP setting are correct, make sure he is able to browse the net, etc...)
- Create an identical account on both PCS, Username and password
- on a DOS Prompt type net use * \\ipaddress\sharename /user:username password and hit enter

Hope this helps

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