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Help with IBM

Hi people, well my friend screwed up his PC by installing the wrong drivers on his computer and decided to reinstall 98 thinking that it would have the default drivers for his card on his computer...and guess what.. he doesnt have the original CD that IBM prepacked with it, now its and old 350 mhz
e series 140 aptiva from IBM.. I cant seem to find any drivers for this thing... anybody know where I can find this stuff???



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The great thing about any PC is it's basically a box of components which are fitted to thousands of other PCs even though the badge is different. If your friend is able to get windows running (allbeit with wrong driver - you didn't say whether wrong sound driver or video driver?) he can download and run a program which will tell him exactly what hardware is inside the system box, including make, model of video and sound cards. The program interrogates the hardware directly -- bypassing the drivers altogether -- so if a driver is wrong or missing the program will still be able to identify the hardware. Download and install the free 'Everest Home Edition' from http://www.snapfiles.com/get/everest.html
I think it may even have links built into it for the websites you need to get drivers from, but otherwise once you know the make/model, you can go to the website manually.

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