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Help with hardware issue


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I posted this in another forum. I didn't get but one reply I am not sure if this is the right place or not.

I bought a more powerful graphics card (ATI Technologies Radeon X1300 Pro Video Card, PCI Express, 256MB DDR2) and want to chage out my 300 watt PSU with a 500 watt unit. My machine is a Pentium 4, 2.93 Ghz, Compaq Presario SR1250SN. I have the dimensions of my current power supply (6" wide X 3.5" tall X 5.5" Deep.) It is a 2X12 24 pin atx unit. Is there anything else I need to know about the PSU before I purchase one? I am hoping to get one for $100 or less. I may be disappointed. That may not be do-able.

If you could point me towards a particular one on Buy.Com TigerDirect or NewEgg I would be greatful.

Also, is there a specific sequence that you go through in installing the PSU and graphics card?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Unfortuatley I think your going to be a bit disappointed as your not going to find a 500W PSU for $100 or less, at least not one you would want to endanger your system with. However the good news is that you should be ok with a 300W PSU unless you have 2 or more HDDs. You can expect to pay about $300 for a good 500W PSU.

As far a procedure, there isn't any order to do it in, however I would recomend installing the new PSU (when you get it) frist with the old graphics card, fire the system up and make sure everything is working correctly with the new PSU, then change out the graphics card. This way if the new PSU is faulty (unlikey but possible) your new graphics card won't take an unnessesary sacrafice in the event of catastrophy.
I replied to your other post about this. You need to contact HP for a PSU upgrade for that compaw machine as they are not usually standard dimensions or wiring. HP will be able to confirm so you dont end up wasting money.

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