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help with file sharing on a home LAN



I'm new to home networking, but this is driving me crazy. I have 2 computers connected through a D-link router/switch. DHCP is enabled on both. Both computers are running XP Home, and file sharing in enabled on both computers. Each computer can see the other on the network, they can communicate well enough to play games (ie RTCW), they are sharing a printer hooked up to computer #1, and they can each use the cable modem.

Now the problem. Computer #2 can access all the shared files on computer #1 without a hitch. I can read files, and move files into the shared directories on computer #1. But, computer #1 can't access the shared folders on computer #2. Every time I try I get an error message saying I don't have permission to use this resource, contact the network administrator. I have set up shared files on computer #2, I have a guest account enabled, and file and printer sharing is enabled under the network connection. It almost seems as if the computer is using access control, but this is XP home, and I can't find any access controls.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


I'm ignorant, not stupid. Of course I've read it, and everything else I can find so far. My network cards are in and properly configured, all the cables are plugged in, and IP addresses are being properly assigned by the router, and each computer has a unique name and description, both are on the same workgroup. The computers can see each other, ping each other, and communicate well enough to play games. I've set up the files on both computers for file sharing, including the ability to change files on the other computer.

Despite this I can't seem to get access to the shared files on computer #2 from computer #1 across the LAN.


How do I set rights? I've looked in the references I can find, and I've read how to do it in XP Pro, but not in XP Home.


I've done that, no luck. Those folders are set up for file sharing. From that computer, if I go to My Network Places, the shared folders on that computer and can be accessed. I just can't get to them from computer #1.


Interesting. I've recently got exactly the same problem. I have a two PC network, with one XP and one Win98SE. Everything used to work OK, but now Windows Explorer and other file managers on the XP PC cannot access files on the Win98 PC. I can access files using "Find computer on the network" but not in Windows explorer. I get the same error message as krmanning.

You should not have DHCP enabled on both. You should set both the IP addresses manually.

Use for one of them and for the other.

Both of those IP addresses are reseved for Private Networks so you wont be vulnerable from the outside.

If both are setup as DHCP servers (which you say they are) then the first computer turned on will be the server, if both are servers then the second one on will not be able to see what is on the first.

Basically if you set them both to static IPs (as above) then it should all be fixed.


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What about the user account on the computer # 2? You said it was a Guest. Does a Guest have rights to share files? Set it to a higher user account and see if that helps.


It sounds to me krmanning has things set up correctly so far.

Two possible causes for the problem.

1. A firewall on PC#2. Either XPs firewall or a 3rd party. Disable firewalls.

2. Netbios and TCP/IP is a bit iffy with file sharing. Try installing NWlink protocol and binding it to each NIC. When done, leave TCP installed (needed for internet) but unbind TCP/IP from file and printer sharing and disable Netbois over TCP/IP.

btw you do not need the guest user account login enabled.

Try that.
Sven - try it too.


I have seen that server storage error before but I can't remeber where.

You might try the NWlink protocol as advised above in this thread.

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